UFC 97 Thoughts, & Lifting…

So this weekend I had my first UFC date with a girl, NO I’m not a lesbian (not that there is anything wrong with that) BUT lets be serious I’ve never went to watch the fights with a girl before WHO actually was interested in the FIGHTS and not the dudes in the bar.  We went to End Zones in Hamilton, and they had a shit load of people crammed in this little bar and the kicker was they had a live band during the fights playing and the only time they were going to play the volume was during Chucks fight? I was like seriously Christine; I’m not down with this. SO she suggested this bar on Concession Street on the Hamilton Mountain… Not sure what it was called but we pulled up and they had the fights playing and there was ten people in there I couldn’t believe it. We go in, sit down in front of a big screen and we have perfect seats, the bartender comes over and we get some drinks (no waiting) and then we watch the fights. The bar wasn’t loud there weren’t drunken’ idiots yelling “bite him, kick him in the nuts, rip his head off” nothing like that which was good those people annoy me. It annoys me that they can’t appreciate the technique involved in the sport and what they are actually doing in there… And it’s unfortunate that if there isn’t someone bleeding or a huge knock out… the fight is “boring”… and it gets booed.

What’s been buzzing over the weekend is Chuck, Stout, and Silva’s fight.

chuck_liddell-7596403With Chucks, a lot of people have been saying he’s old and shouldn’t be in there and what not. But honestly it takes a huge heavy pair of balls to get in there in front of a sold out crowd who in the back of their heads KNOW that most of them expect you to lose. Really how many people were actually confident that Chuck was going to pull out this win? I am never interested in any of the heavier weights fight? I usually love the light weights and welterweights anything else I’ll watch but to really be interested not so much you know? And I never really was on the Chuck wagon, but I was never against him either, I respect what he did in the sport and like Randy I never counted him out, because he’s been around for so long. He looked intense and obviously knew he had to win this one. Honestly I didn’t think Chuck looked bad, I just think like in the Rampage fight he didn’t cover up when he through his punch and got caught just like rampage caught him. That’s it, that’s all?! Kudos to the challenger he was the better man and was on his “A” game and it paid off for him. BUT for people to criticize that he should retire, and he’s finished, and that he did a shit job? COME ON! These were probably the SAME people who were on his wagon when he was winning; the same people that were saying “no one is going to beat chuck” blab blab blab.

Stout did a good job that fight was a great back and forth the entire time. Do I think it should have been a unanimous decision… no, I really thought that Stout took the first round, the other guy took the second and it looked like the third. I really thought it was going to be a split decision (for which ever fighter it could have went either way) and I think that’s why Stout looked so surprised I thought it was crazy. I don’t think the other guy should be upset it was a damn good fight!!!

THEN Silva’s fight, people in the bar I was left in the second round, and I just think Silva is getting to much heat for this fight. One, there is anderson-silva-standing-blured-back2another “grease gate” allegation where Anderson took Vaseline from his face and put it on his body but like his manager said how much Vaseline can you get from your face? Second Trigg made a good point on Tagg radio that as a fighter when they put Vaseline on your eye brows and you start to sweat it gets into your eyes because your brows are meant to keep the sweat from your eyes. So a fighter normally wipes it off a little and you can’t put it on your gloves or your shorts so they wipe their arm or their chest Trigg says he puts it on his one ear (ha-ha)!

Honestly just like the GSP fight I don’t think that the Vaseline made a difference in the fight. Anderson made Thales look stupid on his feet and there wasn’t much of a ground game for it to be an issue either I just think people are looking for reasons to criticize… I mean, it’s hard to go in there and have your opponent who is suppose to obviously have some skills to beat this guy and he goes in there and shits the bed? He just lays on the ground, he doesn’t engage on his feet at all. Like Anderson had no marks on his face? And the other guy looked a hell of a lot more beat up then Anderson so obviously THINGS happened in those five rounds if nothing happened then there would be no marks on either fighter.

I don’t blame Anderson for saying what he said about how the crowd can boo all they want but they pay his salary. Because he trained hard for that fight, he went in there prepared, he cut the weight, and he did the best he could for what he had. I mean The UFC obviously needs to up the competition for him… I mean he’s moving in different weight classes JUST for a challenge? He didn’t come unprepared and I think that people need to show some respect. And like I said about Chuck the people criticizing were probably the same people who were on the Silva wagon saying how “unbeatable and amazing he is” And they are disappointed now and really reem in to him… I feel bad for some of these fighters, its funny how fast people forget things.

Want a better fight give him better competition.

Today I went to crossfit with Christine in the morning for our 6am work out. Adam was all smiled when he had rowing on the bord as part of the work out because he likes yelling at me when I’m rowing. Honestly like I said before I HATE rowing its one of those things that just breaks my spirit in a work out.

So our work out of the say was

500m Row

12 Pull Ups

30 Squats

3 xs

It wasn’t the hardest work out I’ve ever done at crossfit I just hate rowing. SO obviously when I got on there Adam was behind me pushing me and yelling at me to keep going, dig deeper, row faster. I guess I was putting my heals under my ass when I was rowing (which is bad rowing technique) and Adam noticed so he stuck his foot in the way of the seat and it jerked me forward ( I had my eyes closed to think about my happy place) and I was like WTF, and then he did it again and I stopped and looked at Adam and he’s like “DON’T STOP KEEP GOING, YOU SHOULD BE HERE AND REACH NOT HAVING YOUR HEALS UNDER YOUR ASS.” HAHA.

I ended up finishing my work out at 15:31, which isn’t too bad, Christine beat me so needless to say I was disappointed I didn’t beat her but it was friendly competition I don’t mind she’s getting stronger and better and it just makes me push a lot harder.

Later on that day her and I went and did our heavy lifting. There is a rock climber there Denise I think her name is and she’s sooo strong obviously because she climbs. She’s squatting 160lbs for 5 sets of 10, which is good but she walks around at 135lbs or so and I’m 116.lbs and I was squatting 150lbs for 3 sets of 5 (not as hardcore) but today I squatted 140lbs for 5 sets of 10 it was crazy. I felt really strong, even though she’s at 160 I’m only 4’11 and she’s probably 5’6 or 5’7!!! BUT her dead lift is 218lbs or something like that and her bench press is 105lbs… CRAZY! Totally an inspiration in the lifting class.

I have to work on strengthening my dead lift again I use to be at 115lbs before my back got hurt (from training not from lifting), and I was doing bent over rows and left it at 65lbs for now, and I floor pressed the same and Christine was saying how easy I was making it look *laughing* but she was doing better then she thought, I think I’m going to stick it out there with her and up the weight 5lbs next time we do that.  I was really scared about the squats, but Coach Marini was behind me spotting me so it wasn’t too bad I feel really confident when I know he’s behind me I can’t wait to be able to do 150lbs for 10 reps.

Might be a “smidge” sore tomorrow…



~ by Christina Sears on April 20, 2009.

One Response to “UFC 97 Thoughts, & Lifting…”

  1. We have a saying in the gym.. Injuries are imaginary.. Quit crying and Keep LIFTING.. Having said that I really have no idea of the nature of your injuries but the only advice I can give is to keep working on your deadlift with proper form… strengthening your back will help to avoid injuries… try low cable rope deadlift facing away from weight stack… it’ll give u better control and allow you to strengthen ur back safely… keep it up girl…


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