Lifting & UFC 97 Predictions

I did my heavy lifting yesterday at Steel City Crossfit with Adam and Christine; we did dead lifts and strict press. Honestly I’m terrified to do Dead lifts only because of the pain I was in when I did hurt my back last year. NO it wasn’t from dead lifts I’m just scared period. But Adam made me feel a little bit better and helped me a long with it… which was great I felt a bit better! Did the strict press like it was nothing… I think I might be strong enough to do 70 pounds now… my dead lift went from 115lbs to 95lbs that was a tad disappointing. I worked so hard and now I have to work at it again *sigh*.

After Christine and I both had a craving for some TCBY and we went over to the one close to crossfit and got some… Its frozen yogurt/ice cream MMM so good! I got a large shiver with 2 scoops of rainbow sprinkles reeces pieces and little mini chocolate chips. It was pretty DE-LISH!

Well it looks like I WON’T be in Montreal like most people who live out around my area. I thought if I worked really hard this year doing stories and getting my name out there and producing some good article that someone would offer me a chance to cover it with there MMA News organization… WRONG so I will be watching somewhere tonight with Christine instead, I guess drowning myself in multiple pounds of chicken wings and what not might help how angry I feel that I’m not out in the field covering it.

**Frank Trigg’s UFC 97 Predictions**

I usually never make any kind of fight predictions UNLESS my buddy Joey calls me and asks me who it’s going to be tonight. I’ve won him lots of money and even a trip to Vegas ha-ha! So since I just watched Frank Trigg’s fight predictions I thought I would give it a try (awe he’s an inspiration ha-ha)!

Anderson Silva VS Thales Leites: Leites

Chuck Liddell VS Mauricio Rua: Liddell

Krzysztof Soszynski VS Brian Stann: Soszynski

Cheick Kongo VS Antoni Hardonk: Kongo

Steve Cantwell VS Luiz Cane: Cane

Eliot Marshall VS Vinicius Magalhaes: Marshall

Denis Kang VS Xavier Foupa-Pokam: Kang

Jason MacDonald VS Nate Quarry: Quarry

David Loiseau VS Ed Herman: Loiseau (but it can go either way… Herman is a good fighter himself… so… toss up!)

Mark Bocek VS David Bielkheden: Bocek

Ryo Chonan VS TJ Grant: Chonan (because he looks like a bad dude)

Sam Stout VS Matt Wiman: Stout

Now it will be just my luck that I post what I think and I’m going to get ALL of them wrong (ha-ha) its happened before! Regardless I thought I would try it out…



~ by Christina Sears on April 18, 2009.

One Response to “Lifting & UFC 97 Predictions”

  1. So the TCBY that was just to spike your insulin levels for your post-workout protein intake right?…


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