Gina… Cyborg… & Some of my Thoughts…

3134_65382878228_61345743228_1656989_3828325_nSome stuff I want to talk about, first about the Christine “Cyborg” Santos last fight, apparently there is a lot of drama about her not making the 145 pound weight division she was suppose fight at. She missed weight by seven pounds (which is crazy) however I guess she made a statement saying she had a women’s issue. I’ve actually brought this up with some of the female professional fighters when I was interviewing them about our “women issues” and if they play a factor when cutting weight and what not. And in fact it is, some have even said that they went on birth control so they can control when it comes and know when its coming, and feel its easier to book fights when they are nowhere near that part of the month. I know myself I gain about five or six pounds of water weight alone. I felt it was unfair when I heard there were people on the forums (mostly men obviously) pretending that they knew the be all and end all of a women’s menstrual cycle and how it works. Its different for every women some women gain no weight, others do (like myself). I’ve had those same professional fighter say they were in the sauna trying to get rid of the weight (because it wasn’t coming off) and they would be in there say an hour where normally they would make their cut and when it was that time of the month they could be in there for an hour and lost maybe .5 or maybe even a pound (which if you’re a fighter you know is quite frustrating).

PLUS it amazed me that people were criticizing Cyborg for not making weight when Gina rarely makes weight? Doesn’t she always come in over? And then tries to cut it?

I’m sure everyone has their opinion on this situation, all I can say is guys unless you have a vag between your legs please don’t try to pretend you know what she “could have done,” “should have done,” or “didn’t do” and don’t criticize, its not easy being a female in this sport really how many girls are there really hungry for their wins, and for their fights? And I’m sure if they are around the time of the month where their menstrual cycle comes I guarantee you training and getting that weight off will be a hell of a hot harder then on a normal week. Santos is a seriously great fighter, I know a lot of guys who have said they would be scared to step in there with her with the skills and power she has (I mean really what man wants to be knocked out by a women ha-ha)!

fat-ginaNOW the other thing I wanted to talk about is, I was looking through the Strike force pictures on facebook and saw a picture of Gina and she looks on the heavy side, a lot different then when she makes weight, and I had mentioned that she looked heavy and some guy commented saying “is heavy the new hot” or something like that and I was like “ah no” and then he said something to me about having to get over the fact that everyone else thinks she’s hot too and what not (like I care) and what he must have failed to notice is I’m not one of these “oh my gosh I’m jealous that Gina gets all this attention” I was asking from the perspective of an athlete myself. I think that even though she’s good technically I don’t think she’s got the power that Santos has and I think that will be exposed when and if they fight. BUT honestly Gina is a good looking girl and I think that’s pretty much what she’s recognized for where whenever Santos is talked about its about her mma game? When people talk about Gina in a mma respect they always talk about her Thai 4706-carano_evinger_dsc_2368boxing nothing else really.

I wish I could post something about Gina (or any other female fighter) and not get the responses from the meat heads about how hot so and so is, or how I’m jealous about all the attention she gets. I’m not a bad looking girl ( I don’t think so) but everyone has their own opinion everyone one has their own taste but I’m comfortable with who I am and it bothered me when this idiot said what he said. Women work really hard to ear respect in a sport like this, I’m sure one slip up (like we have seen with cyborg and the weight thing) and people are all over them. Not that it doesn’t happen with the men but there are a shit load of men trying to be fighters and a bunch that are fighters. But then there is a handful of women who are fighters there is no room for any other people in the women’s world you either are or you’re not because there is only a handful who are hungry enough to work that much harder. I don’t know this blog probably makes no sense it’s just some stuff I’ve been feeling.

SO judging from the picture I just saw of Gina (before making weight) I say she walks around at most 165lbs.



~ by Christina Sears on April 16, 2009.

One Response to “Gina… Cyborg… & Some of my Thoughts…”

  1. Gotta respect that. As long as opinions are flying it kinda comes down to this Carano seems to love to fight despite of how she looks s and if shes gonnna get inthe ring with Cyborg she better because Cyborg is no joke. No one respects anyone who doesnt earn what they have and What Gina has is alot of attention. So everyone is gonna want to fight her because they may get that attention that she is getting and that will in turn make everyone hate who ever gets the spot light . It happpens in any sport. Alot of people thought that Muhamad Ali who may have been the greatest heavy weight fighter ever was a loud mouth pretty boy who couldnt hold up against a real heavy weight when he was first coming up in the fight world. So he had to shoot for Sonny Liston the toughest guy on the block at the time. Ali won, he earned his respect. His daughter ducked fighters so she never got the respect her father did. Same for any contender. All the attention is not always a good thing if all you want to do is fight. And is she suppposed to pass the opportunities by? That would make her stupid. Fact is she is a great ambassador for the sport looks good, she has enough skill to make people see that the females can be taken seriously so if people are gonna pay attention to a female MMA fighter you could do alot worse. If pepople pay attention so will advertisers and anyone who wants to make money off thier blood and sweat, thats when paydays go up and I dont know what females earn compared to males but I know that its not even. This sport uses a fighter like a comodity. Promoters like Dana White and Don King are gonna make plenty and 90 percent of the fighters are gonna make squat compared. I hear how fighters are getting jerked all the time so Carano should try and get every penny she can. Is she the best out there I dont think so I dont think that she is the type of fighter that cant be beat. But I respect that Cyborg is a is has phisical gifts that sets her apart from most of the females out there and she looks dominate. So if Carano gets in the ring with her after seeing Cyborg pick aaprt some of these girls then people should shut up about what she looks like and show some respect win loose or draw. If she ducks that beast Cyborg then she deserves the ridicule. So I hope we get a good fight out ofthe wole deal.


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