Listen to Landberg & White on Off the Record

Michael Landsberg wasted no time getting into details about the Hunt and White feud and “sparred” a bit with him about the idea. It seems to me that he was contradicting himself a bit. What really bothered me is that he said that anyone who owns a website isn’t a real reporter I can see his point however, look at my situation I’ve been trying to get into somewhere legit like the fight network or something like that and I can’t get in, people are not hiring. I have the credentials to work in the field of journalism; I’m not some “blogger” who hasn’t paid his dues to get a piece of paper just to work in this industry. I didn’t start off famous, and I’ve been working my way up to get my name out there. MMA Canada, Xtreme Lifestyle, and any other MMA online news outlet that has posted or featured my stuff have had a hand in trying to get my name out there. I understand there isn’t legit people out there, they just spurge what they have to say and that’s that, they don’t get sources they don’t do their homework. When I write an article on something or cover something I talk to someone, or as many people as possible who can help me with my investigating. Some online people don’t do that.

I’m sure Sherdog has SOME PEOPLE who are legit reporters who are working their way up like I am, or any other news outlet for that matter. I think Landsberg really asked him some tough questions. Josh Gross is someone that White talks about and apparently he leaked all the finalists on one of the TUF seasons and since he works for sports illustrated (which are a legit sports mag) he won’t credential them? I mean? I don’t know seems kind of childish to me. He says he won’t credential not legit media sources like Sherdog but Sports Illustrated IS? Isn’t it?

Then he talks about Anderson being the BEST pound for Pound fighter, but I was watching Tagg radio today and I believe  Trigg was right when he said that Fedor is the best pound for pound fighter in the world, because he’s NEVER LOST!  Where the other guys have lost and like Trigg said he has fought some cans but he’s also fought a guy who has a lot of weight on him he’s fought guys who have been some of the top champions and top heavy weights in his division!

Speaking of Tagg Radio you can download their shows online on the MMA Junkie website, today was the first time I was able to tune in and watch a show, and I got to tell you I loved it. I wish I had something like that close to home where I can go in and talk about everyday things, or mma things and what not and make a show out of it. It’s really interactive too they have facebook going, twitter, an online chat as the show’s going on probably some of them are on their MySpace so I mean the fans can get involved. They brought up some really good points about things (the Fador comment Dana made being one of them). It was great, I hope I can catch the rest of them if not I will be sure to down load them.

Frank Trigg has been a really good “media mentor” for me, there is a lot he’s doing media wise that I want to be doing and I’m hungry to be doing. And the best thing about him is he lets me pick his brain and tells me his honest opinion about stuff and never sugar coats anything I love it… He’s a great guy and I look forward to working with him in the future!



~ by Christina Sears on April 16, 2009.


  1. its nt actualy a coment,,do u do direct hiring.


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