ADAM MORDEN: My Testimonial

Adam Morden, what can I say about him that won’t scare you off? When I first met Adam I was probably between 102 and 105 pounds and I’m only 4’11.  Adam came highly recommended by a team mate of mine who was working closely with him for his strength and conditioning training for his sport and over all health in general.

In the past I would always come up on the short end of the stick because I was just too small and not strong enough to fend off the women I was competing against in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournaments.  The weight classes are so irregular for women my size because there just isn’t enough of us coming out to compete, so the ones who do have to step up and fight girls who are much bigger then they are, which was my case.  But being in the sport for almost eight years I knew being “too small” wasn’t an excuse anymore, so I decided to go to Coach Morden for some extra help, little did I know what I was getting myself into.

I’ll never forget the first work I did with Coach Morden and my team mate, honestly I wanted to die. I’ve never done weights or pull ups or anything like that in my life and here I am wanted to cry when I wasn’t even through the first round of the work out. It really broke me I wasn’t excepting to work that hard, but I knew from that day that I needed a lot of work.

Adam was very patient helping me out, he really picked my game apart and modified things so that the work outs would benefit me when I competed, he put me on the same weight program as my team mate and before I knew it I was lifting more weight then I thought I would ever lift. I mean I’m 4’11 and I’m squatting 150 pounds, which has helped me with my take downs in my sport.

He also made me mentally strong, crossfit is MEANT to break people, Adam loves breaking the athletes he trains, but by doing that he makes you not only physically strong but mentally strong. There is nothing your opponent can do to you when you’re on that mat, in the cage or ring that you haven’t already been put through in your training.

I’ve put on over 15 pounds training with Coach Morden, which is what I wanted I wanted to be bigger and stronger. I find myself rolling with guys who are 145-180 pounds and I can hold my own and I felt ready to put all this training to the test and that’s what I did.

I competed in the Arnold Classic Naga Tournament in Columbus Ohio this past year and I was in a weight class that was 119 pounds and under. I weighed in at 116.5 pounds, and saw a few girls in my division that looked about my weight, I knew that there would be no way they could beat me I worked far to hard breaking down in my work outs, rolling with bigger guys, training as much as I could for them to beat me. I placed second in that tournament, I felt like a pit-bull on my first opponent, and even though I lost in the finals that girl had a good 15 pounds on me and she didn’t destroy me like she did the other girl she fought. And I chalk that up to Coach Morden who was one of the people behind my muscle and conditioning.

I was working with him three days a week bright and early at 6am, and then would talk to him about my lifting and how to make my back stronger and what other things I can do to be strong for specific things and he took the time to really break everything down for me.

If you decide to train with Coach Adam Morden, I guarantee you will see results. You don’t have to be IN SHAPE to train like we train; he will help you achieve that. If you have the drive he will drive you to your full potential. I saw results within a month of training with him, I felt better, I was more cut, and I was getting stronger.

Adam will find any of your weaknesses and make them your bitch. He is probably one of the best trainers I’ve ever had and I look forward to working with him in the future!!

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**Want to get into Shape… like i said in my testimonial he’s the man your looking for!**


~ by Christina Sears on April 16, 2009.

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