Easter Weekend Fun…

img_4462It’s been awhile since I last blogged about stuff, a lot has been going on kind of with work and family and what not I haven’t had much time for anything really! I think the last thing I wrote about was training the guys at HSMA just before Easter.

Over the Easter weekend Christine and I had a lot of time off (well not a lot) but enough so we planned some little adventures to find some new hiking trails, that were a bit more out there and challenging. We must be like men when it comes to directions because on the Friday we were looking for Webster’s falls (with Google directions in hand) HOWEVER I must have sent the wrong ones to her (however that can be possible ha-ha) and we were completely going in the WRONG direction.

BUT we came across our first trail called “Mountainview Conservation Area” we parked the car, geared up (Christine3302_72455328276_513033276_1778792_2986010_n with her little snacks, me with my sweet tarts) and away we went to check out this trail. So here we are starting our way up this steep up hill JUST to get to the trail, there was thick, watery, deep mud EVERYWHERE so it was a challenge to get up without slipping back down and going up being able to keep our shoes on. This one guy (I think he was French) and his girlfriend were a head of us and they had mountain bikes. His girlfriend was walking hers up (wearing jeans and a nice coat) and I’m not sure but I think he biked up until he couldn’t bike anymore. I was in awe he didn’t fall to be honest with you. Because the trail up seemed so steep that I figured if someone tried to bike up they would fall backwards (it was that steep)!

**Hike Highlight**

So we climb past them, because they realized that they couldn’t bike the rest of the trail there were way too many rocks and what not so they brought their bikes back to the car and started to walk up instead. We started to hike around saw some awesome views, one of them being these huge hole sin the ground or in the rock you could probably climb down there if you wanted but it looked really wet and gross so we didn’t but it was cool to look at.

img_4557Then we started to walk on an “unblazed trail” and what that is is the white squares on the trees that are usually spray painted on so that img_4480way you can find your way around I guess. Well this one trail was all blacked out and a notice saying that it’s been closed. But it looked fine to walk on so us being the “daredevils” that we are we decided to continue walking and before we knew it we had hawks of some sort flying over us in a circle, pretty low too like between the trees and stuff. They were landing around us and at first Christine thought that maybe the trail was closed because it was a bird sanctuary. We had some good jokes about getting “pecked” in the face… and losing an eye and how that would be one of the worst things to feel and what not. Ha-ha! There was probably seven or eight of them, it was pretty nifty.

Then we continued walking some more goofing around chatting and what not, and Christine ended up seeing a snake and then followed it to find the rest of its family there was probably ten of them there it was retarded. OF course she had to pick one up and play with it.

Then after the Mountainview trail, we found our self heading towards Balls Falls, the waterfall there was huge. Here where I love this area is known to have the most waterfalls in Canada. And they are so beautiful let me tell you, we hiked around Balls Falls came close to some great rapids up close the drop off of the falls was really close to us too! It was awesome being there.

3302_72452313276_513033276_1778711_1955395_nTHEN the next day we looked up the RIGHT directions to Webster’s falls and would you believe that it’s in my neck of the woods. Close to where I train over at Crossfit so we found it (didn’t get lost).WOW that place was amazing and the hiking is really challenging. The highlight was when Christine and I decided to cross this tree that fell over the waterfall, we wanted to get to the other side of the area and we crossed the tree that fell, not going to lie to you I was crapping my pants. To know if I slip up I could be in that rushing crazy water and probably pulled under into some sharp rocks… PLUS I’m scared of heights (not that it was high) but I got that same feeling!

Then I had family Easter dinner Friday night and Sunday night. Its weird not going to my Nonna’s for Easter but whatever at least my family was together I suppose. We played this neat game I forget what its called but you have a hard boiled egg and you get paired up with someone and when its your turn one person hits the tip of your egg with the tip of their egg the one who cracks loses then they do the bottom of the egg same thing. If both sides of your egg crack your out of the game if one cracks your still in. It was awesome I have video of all of us playing it totally made us laugh. Melissa ended up winning; Matthew was the first one to lose. It was a great laugh see if Meliss will be the raining champ next year too! Everyone will be gunning for her egg. Who would have thought there was a technique to this game?

So that was my weekend…



~ by Christina Sears on April 13, 2009.

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  1. Great piece Christina


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