Crossfit & Heavy Lifting….

It wasn’t an early morning for me today, only because I managed to get home earlier then normal from work. So I got the amount of sleep I needed to wake up for Crossfit at 6am. I felt a lot better and more energized then what I usually do which was good. I mean after really smashing that box when I was doing box jumps last week, really made me think about the sleep I need and wasn’t getting. Even Hensen was telling me I need more sleep because I wasn’t able to comprehend the combos he needed me to do.

Monday morning Crossfit, as it is every week Christine came and got me and off we went. We had our “weekend update” talk on the way there as we always do. It’s when we talk about what we did that weekend and what not; it’s usually a great laugh some good stories have been told on the way to crossfit. Sometimes if something is up we talk about that just to get it off our chest before we hit the gym.

I don’t know about anyone else but when I’m thinking about something or stressed out, the gym is a good things but I find when I’m doing a crossfit work out whatever is on my mind will find away to break me down during that work out you know?

Walked into the gym chit-chatted a little bit with everyone and then got down to business, started with our routine stretching and then got into our warm up. As we were doing the warm up, Adam was planning what torture he was going to put us through today, I’m pretty sure that’s the highlight of his morning, watching us all die HE LOVES IT!!!!

He decides that today we are all going to do:

250m Row

6 Dead Lifts (I used 85lbs)

15 Push Ups

And we were doing that for six rounds.

Like I’ve said before, crossfit sounds easy, but as you get into the rounds they feel longer and longer, PLUS you’re not doing this at a nice pace, the point is to push yourself to do it as fast as you can. You have to be explosive, you have to be ready to have it try and break you. Speaking of Crossfit breaking people as soon as I saw Adam had written “rowing” right there I was broken. I hate rowing KUDOS to anyone who does it as a sport I could NEVER and I mean NEVER do that. Of course he was saying 250m isn’t that bad, and granted it wasn’t but I just hate rowing (BOTTOM LINE)!!!

rowing_machineAnd then it began, everyone started on the rower (there were four of us) and Adam yelled GO and the timer started. I tried to push through the rowing, and Adam was behind me the entire time telling me to “GO GO GO” so I had no choice but to rip into that rowerdeadlift and just get her done.

Then it was the dead lifts. Honestly after I hurt my back my dead lifts have really suffered and I’ve been so scared to do them not because I’m doing them wrong, it just scares me to lift the weight that way. But anytime there is any weight lifting involved I feel like I have an edge over the other women because its part of my training already. Where I think a lot of them just do it when it’s involved in a work out at Crossfit. So I’m always able to power through that as well, usually anyways.

arm-chest-shoulder-exercises-4Then the good old push ups, I use to hate push ups actually I wasn’t strong enough to do them like they should be done (I know pretty pathetic eh). But somewhere in the last year and a half I’ve been able to do the triceps push ups (where your hands are closer together), and I can bust them out pretty quick. I was never able to do women’s push ups, and I can’t put my arms wider and do it but I can do those just fine.

SO even if I was behind with the rowing I could bust through the rest really quick and get back on the rower in hopes to be up at least 100m’s before they get on there. I ended up pushing through that work out and finished it at 16:30. I didn’t think it was SOOOOO bad, and regardless of what your time is usually everyone is just happy they finished the crossfit work out. There are some brutal ones out there you know? And I think to finish one KNOWING you pushed yourself is one of the best feelings.

Then later tonight I met up with Christine at HSMA and we headed over to Crossfit to do our heavy lifting. It was her first time lifting weights and you could tell she was pretty nervous but she did awesome… I was super proud of her!!!! And I can’t wait for her to be a monster!!!!

I got stuck on my last set of squats I went down and I never got up, I was so scared and maybe to scared to move and try to drive up. That’s never happened to me before you know? So I panicked it was a site let me tell you.



~ by Christina Sears on April 6, 2009.

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