DANA WHITE = Unprofessional….

I’m sure by now, everyone has heard about Dana White’s video blog where he blows up at a journalist (Loretta Hunt) from Sherdog.com.

**Dana’s Video Blog**

She did a story (which I read) about how some people are being denied access backstage with their fighters. THEN today I read an article to explain that one because apparently Dana did a video blog blowing up at this woman.

I read both articles, and watched the video blog and I was disgusted .

Being an MMA reporter this really hit home all I kept thinking is “so if I write something that doesn’t impress an organization or rubs them the wrong way this is what I have to look forward too?”

As a journalist its our job to tell the story, using all the facts that are available to us. Then leaving up to our readers, viewers, listeners to make up their own mind on the matter.  I can be best friends with someone, but I also have a job to do especially with this “rassession” you can’t afford to write something the way some people want you to write it because they “want it done a certain way” or only want “specific details” mentioned. It does not work that way, I’ve had a few people try and tell me how they want certain stories written and it makes me laugh. I don’t get paid sometimes to do the writing that I do, SO why do I need to hear how THEY want it done, when the article that I’m doing is for ME to get my name out there and also have people read a story that may have some good potential.

I feel for Hunt because I was once in this situation, ONLY I didn’t report on the organization I heard of something drastic that happened there and I wanted to discuss it with other people because I couldn’t believe what had happened. I’m sure all of you MMA fans in Canada might have heard about the fighters who got beat up pretty bad following a Freedom Fight event?

In my Facebook group I posted on the discussion board, just giving my feelings on THAT event that happened, I wasn’t reporting, I was just seeing what others thought about these fighters who got beat up in their hotel room. If I was reporting on it like every other journalist who was on the story I would have contacted the people I would need to talk to and not assume and put my two senses in there. It’s unprofessional not to have sources to back u your story and I did not what that “unprofessional” reputation.   The promoter chewed me out for it, saying that I’m going to take a huge dive in journalism and what not. It was frustrating because unlike Loretta Hunt I didn’t have a company to back me up (where I wasn’t in the wrong), I don’t get paid to do this half the time.  Xtreme Lifestyle, MMA Canada, or Pro MMA  don’t pay me to write for them. I pitch them the story, or send it to them in hopes they POST it for me so that way I can get my name out there…. At least Loretta Hunt is probably getting paid and if she is, she doesn’t get paid enough to hear Dana White announce to the entire World Wide Web what a “moron” he thinks she is.

I thought that video blog was disgusting and unprofessional, and if he felt THAT strongly about it why not talk to Sherdog.com OR Hunt herself? I know any NORMAL human being would do that, AND they would have posted some kind of media release explaining better their side of the story (I’ve also seen that before too). AND if Hunt had not went through her information with a fine comb and didn’t have the story straight, then like I said White should have went to Sherdog PROFESSIONALLY and had them correct themself, have Hunt write that she was wrong…

And he also mentioned that she should get sources with the balls to print their name if they give a quote, and this is obviously where Mr. White lacks education in the journalism field because as a journalist you keep your sources that way. YOU CAN write in an article (as she did) that this person refused to have their name printed, and the people who are behind the black screens in documentaries or news packages, THEY ARE USUALLY THE ONES WHO MAKE THE STORY BECAUSE THEY HAVE SOME KIND OF INSIDE SCOOP ON WHATEVER IT IS, so if the media can protect there identity to make that news packages or article BETTER  then that’s what they will do to ensure their viewers get a great news package.

I think Mr. White is more mad that maybe some of what she said (if not all of it) is true because any one with an education and was professional would have dealt with this situation in a better way.

I agree with only one thing and that was why do the managers NEED to be back there anyways? As Dana said they do the deals before hand and that’s what they are good for. They aren’t the ones holding the gloves and talking strategy, HOWEVER maybe some of the fighters have a good relationship with their managers (as he also said) but you can’t argue with him that the fighters would credential them to be there I suppose.

Regardless, I figured  Sherdog.com is one of the well known MMA news outlets online they wouldn’t want to put that reputation in jeoprdy.  Like them or hate them I’m sure they aren’t  going to half ass a story and post it for die hard MMA fans, Fighter, etc.. to read I’m sure they are going to try and talk to the right people.

BUT like Dana,  journalists that work for Sherdog.com also have a job to do, they have deadlines, and they can’t wait around for weeks for their sources to get back to them including the UFC. Loretta should have mentioned that maybe the UFC was contacted and gave no response (she is within her right to say that when she writes an article). AND if she was so wrong then maybe you should have returned the phone calls so you can get your own QUOTE in there then maybe you could have saved yourself from looking like a fool.

NO one deserves that kind of treatment especially not announced over the web like that. Dana needs to get off his high horse because honestly, people are already getting fed up with the UFC, some of the top guys have took a stand and are itching for their contract to run out. IF the UFC collapses it will be because people like Dana ran it into the ground with that attitude and chip on his shoulder.

Take a course in how to be professional, and maybe people will respect you more…

My only words for Loretta Hunt are “Thick Skin, Thick Skin”



~ by Christina Sears on April 4, 2009.

6 Responses to “DANA WHITE = Unprofessional….”

  1. For some reason he thinks he’s a God.
    He needs to look in the mirror.


  2. Yuck. Great discussion Christina!!


  3. Dana White is a great businessman and is using his constitution to say what he wants. Can’t take the heat? Don’t listen. He knows how to get the job done


  4. I read Loretta’s story and thought it was excellent and pretty balanced, all things considered. Dana White is WAY out of line on this one…


  5. While I understand it can be hard to obtain information at times, ultimately I think reporters have a responsibility to report the truth and be able to support it with facts. Reporting unsubstantiated or incomplete information is just gossip. But certainly Dana could have handled this situation more professionally.


  6. While I think its refreshing for Dana to respond openly to most questions, this was so over the line of good taste.

    Hunt’s article was well done. I have no problem with unnamed sources. This happens all the time in journalism. I am sure Hunt weighed her sources and judged them to be truthful and understood their need for anonymity.

    Nice post, Christina


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