Wednesday’s Box Jump Injury….

Another late night and early morning for me, work was pretty dead Tuesday night which dragged but what are you going to do?

Woke up early for crossfit, Adam had a nice work out for us to do.

10 Pull Ups

20 Box Jumps

20 Kettle Bell Swings


0608-hero-box-jump-3So we set everything up, everyone had their own little station with their pull up bar/rings (whichever you had) then they had their own box and kettle bell. I had a 24 inch box I was using and I grabbed a 12kg kettle bell. As soon as Adam said go we started, Christine and I were neck and neck she was finishing a “smidge” before I was. Got into the second round of box jumps, and I don’t know if it was because I was tired, wasn’t paying attention, or just didn’t jump close enough BUT I came up short and smashed my bony shin against the edge of the box.

Needless to say it wasn’t long before I was limping around and couldn’t really even move my leg. The shock of pain that came through my leg on impact with the box is retarded. I would have sooner bashed my elbow or something. I sat on the very box that just crippled me and tried to elevate my leg and straighten it out so I could see how bad the damage was. I had a pretty good scrape (that didn’t bleed out), and I had pins and needles and a lot of other pain that I can’t explain running all in my leg, toes, feet, etc…

Adam came over with an ice pack, even the area around where I bashed it hurt so she he put that ice pack on I seriously wanted to cry. I had wet eyes, no tears, but wet eyes fore sure.

I couldn’t even continue, SO I pushed Christine instead. Not only did it take my mind off the retard feeling I had in my leg BUT I didn’t feel completely like an idiot and useless. She finished before everyone (kudos to her for pushing through it)!!!

Coach Marini walked in and saw me sitting around came over and asked what happened, when he heard he couldn’t help himself but burst into laughs!!! I would have too I suppose!!! It was KINDA funny!

Time to leave which mean I had to try and walk on it, just the pressure of the muscle or whatever moving around made my foot and leg huge even more, when I got outside the cool breeze also irritated it some.

As soon as I got home I cleaned that sucker out, and iced it some more and took a nap. I didn’t end up going to Thai boxing today because it hurt to even walk on it still it didn’t feel okay to talk on it until later Wednesday night.

And even then I didn’t grapple or anything I just kind of sort of did technique best I could.

I DID run the guys at HSMA through the crossfit WARM UP we do every morning at 6am. I think they need to train like they have a fight all the time, because a lot of them slack which makes it hard for anyone they are working with to pick up on techniques being shown (there isn’t enough dedication there). They did the warm up 3x’s (which is usually what Adam makes us do) and I added a few other things in there… by the end of it they were TIIRREEDD! Crossfit’s Motto is “Your work out is our warm up” and it’s true. They obviously need a LOT more work if they are tired from that. It’s worse being in there for six minutes grappling in a tournament. That six minutes seems like ten sometimes, especially when you have nothing left. They ALLLLL hated me for it I’m sure. BUT I can see why Adam likes to push people, its fun!!!!

After training I was talking to a youngin in my brothers math class, he wrestles for my old high school and was talking about how he went up to the coach and told him that he trains with me at HSMA and that I’m pretty good. In our previous conversation I told him that the coach is a good wrestler, but can’t teach…. He can’t apply everything a coach should apply with his team. He picks and chooses his favorites guys, the ones who will make him look good, and he doesn’t guide his team through weight cuts and what not. ALL he cares about is winning. I told him about the conflict we had in my last year (which he didn’t believe until the response he got from the coach when he told him he was training with me). It was a simple roll of the eyes, laugh (as if I wouldn’t amount to anything), and he walked away obviously giving the impression that “this conversation is over” from what I hear. This youngin’ couldn’t believe the DISRESPECT from someone older then us, and my former coach. I just smiled and said “I told you so.”  THAT coach has really been in the back of my head… I look at what happened in high school and I really think I over came everything and worked my ass off to get to where I am, and I didn’t care what he thought when I wrestled for him, and I could careless what he thought now.

SOOOO the icing on the cake was I was playing with my cat when I got home from training. And he likes to bob and weave and then attack img_0575your feet when you play with him… so I was being really cautious because he sometimes goes for the shins… THEN my dad asked me a question about something so I took my attention off my cat (Oscar) and answered my dad. BEFORE I knew it he had charged at my shin, I dropped like a bag of bricks in tears at this point, my leg and foot and toes were numb. I have my dad looking at me with this “what the hell is your problem” look and my mom (who knew I got hurt) says “well you know Christina you did start with the cat…” as she walks away laughing to herself. AWE… it sucked…



~ by Christina Sears on April 1, 2009.

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