Thai Boxing, Lifting, Jiu Jitsu….

My day was suppose to start off with a 6am Crossfit work out with Adam Morden, however, he didn’t show up this morning (which was unusual) so I hope everything is okay. Even though it was a pain in the ass to wake up for 6am and get down there in time to train, it was still a good chance to have a heart to heart with Christine. We talked and then realized everyone was leaving didn’t notice the time really. So it wasn’t a complete waste.

Since we started training more together I think we have become really good friends (or we are starting too). We are different people her with her cars and Harleys, and what not me with my reporting and video stuff. THEN we share a passion for MMA her with her stand up me with my ground… it’s a good mix when we train together. She kicks my ass when we spar; I tap her out when we roll! BUT we are learning from each other. She really gained my respect by sticking through a lot of what she has with this sport. It’s not easy to keep your head in the game when you’re the only female on the floor, or when your training with these men and getting your ass kicked. It does a number on the mind and sometimes you want to break and just say “f-it” BUT she’s really pulled through, she wants to get better and I admire that.

I like that if she asks me for my advice, she listens to me and doesn’t roll her eyes at me (just like I never would for her). She’s going to start possibly lifting with me, so I’m going to make sure she leans out and gets a hell of a lot stronger then what she is. This is going to be a huge step for her because she’s not mentally there when it comes to that. When we work out at crossfit anything that has to do with weights she hates. Like the one day we did strict press, another day we did thrusters (stuff like that) she hates it. So if she can try and stay focused when the weights are getting in her head that’s half the battle. I’m a firm believer now in “finding your weakness and making it your bitch” and I have no doubt she’s going to pull through it and get super strong she will be my “C-Hulk” hahaha!!!!

ryan_fordSo I went home and wrote up my article on Ryan “the real deal” Ford. He’s a name fighter out of Edmonton Alberta, who usually helps sell out the MFC shows he’s on. He’s now signed with another organization and what not so I got a hold of him and chatted with him about a lot of things, it was a great interview so I’m looking forward to it being posted just hope my editors like it as well. I think he’s an interesting character, so I was glad to do the story and what not and I look forward to chatting with him again sometime.

Took a much needed nap after that, I just needed to lay down and I did that until I went over to Hensen’s for my Thai Boxing lesson. It’s my fifth session with him and I’m starting to feel a lot better then what I did when I first started. Again, I’m still a huge work in progress but I don’t think I’m doing HALF as bad as I thought I was going to. But I give that credit to having a great teacher. Honestly, the kid is great at showing stuff, breaking it down, picking it apart. I’m glad I made the decision to go with him instead of someone else who would probably not bother half as much as Hensen. BUT that shows me that Hensen also has a great teacher in Higson and it shows so I know that I’m getting my times worth.

Hensen worked with me a lot on the basics, until I can do it picture-002fluently we are going to continue to break things down and work on them. We did some stuff with combos and then at the end of the combo added a kick to it. I was working on knees at one point and I guess I clashed knees with Hensen some how because I have this lump on my right knee, that immediately started to bruise. That’s going to look pretty tomorrow don’t you think?

AWE after Hensen’s I went home ate, and then took another nap it was only an hour or so of a nap. Got up and went to Crossfit again but to do my heavy lifting. I haven’t done my lifting since before the Arnold Classic at the beginning of this month. SO it’s been a few weeks, I was pretty disappointed when I was squatting 145lbs when I was doing 150lbs. I feel like I demoted myself, but it’s my own stupid fault really!

It was a fun lifting day though, Coach Marini was there working out as well, and we put in two CD’s with some of our favorite songs on it and turned them up (since we were the only ones around) and in between my sets I was dancing around. Sounds stupid but it allows me to just shake off whatever is going on in my head and I just start dancing and being an idiot and then my mind and everything is clear for my lift, it was a great stress relief that’s for sure!

Went home after that and got ready to head over to HSMA, I couldn’t make it to Edges tonight (which was annoying). Mark had me teach the people that had no gi’s on (because Monday is Gi night over there at hsma). I showed them single leg take down, double leg take down, and 2 guard passes. THEN since there are people who are training for the tourney on the 23 of May I made sure that they were doing five minute rounds because that’s what it will be at the tourney. So many of them were pretty gassed. Maybe I’ll go there early on Wednesday and run them through some crossfit conditioning before putting them into drills and technique. I think they need more of a structure like that. When I was teaching I was a bit irritated because I’m taking time away from training Christine to teach the rest of these guys and half of them showed me no respect and didn’t’ pay attention to anything I said. I’m not THE best however I’ve been through a lot and have worked with a lot of amazing people so for someone who’s been there for a month not listen to me was irritating. Sensei Rob said I should have gave them shit, but the way I look at it is they are paying to be there, if they want to waste their time and get NO WHERE that’s not my fault, I’ll help the people who were listening and wanted to train. At Edge’s even if your there just because you like it, they still train as if they have a fight coming up. There is that respect in the gym for everyone including Edge and I don’t think that’s in place at HSMA. I worked with Christine one on one after; it went great SHE TAPPED ME OUT FOKES WITH A CHOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How exciting is that?

She was using her weight, staying on her toes, and being more aggressive then she usually is and that’s WHAT I WANT! Man, it helps me out because she’s heavier then I am, and by working with me her technique will be tight because I’m smaller and things need to be tighter to catch me sometimes!

It was a good day of training!



~ by Christina Sears on March 30, 2009.

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