Boxfit with Adam Morden

Today is Friday, which means this morning’s work out at Steel City Crossfit was conditioning for boxers “boxfit.” I encourage anyone to come if your into boxing or kickboxing, it will totally give you one up on your team and opponent and you will totally see results.

BUT anyways, we started out with our routine stretching, and warm up and then got into conditioning on the bags. There were 5 of us there today and we have 4 punching bags, so Adam set it up where on bag one you work on your hooks, bag two your jabs, bag three right hands, bag four combos, and then the fifth station was hitting hand pads with Adam. I think we did it for a minute then switched and we did at least three or four rounds of that. Then we paired up on the bag (I was the loner without a partner), and one person went all out on the bag, and the other did whatever Adam called out like the first round was jumping jacks, the second round were squat thrusters, the thirds round were something else you know?

He did another drill where we all lined up in one line and we did four rounds (a minute each exercise) where the first person went out on the bag, the second person did push ups, the third person did jumping jacks, the person after that did sit ups etc.. That was pretty cool!

We usually end the round with abs, this time (since the nice weather is coming and everything) Adam had us hold a plank for thirty seconds or a minute (not sure), and then we ran outside sprinted the parking lot and back got into the gym and had to do thirty sit ups, then sprint back outside and back into the gym for 30 of something else, then back out and back in for 20 sit ups.. It was crazy. I went from being the last one out of the gym, to the third back into the gym to being behind Christine in the last 2 rounds. I need longer legs that’s for sure.

Picture this, me (I’m 4’11) running out of the gym sprinting the parking lot, my feet are pitter-pattering on the ash fault and I have Adam (who is 6’1 or something) following behind me (literally breathing down my neck) yelling “FASTER FASTER MOVE YOUR LEGS FASTER.” I couldn’t go any faster and then we were all sitting around after it and we were talking about how one of Adams steps is 6 or 7 of mine. He was like a drill sergeant not just with me but with everyone, it was do much fun going in and out of the gym! AWE there is an amazing group at Steel City Crossfit at 6am, I love them all, and I love that “Hands of Iron” Teresa is my size so she knows how I feel in some of the work outs, and of course I LOVE working out with Christine, I think her and I push each other pretty good to do our best and there is always fun competition with each other in the mix usually!!!!! AWE it was a great class….



~ by Christina Sears on March 27, 2009.

One Response to “Boxfit with Adam Morden”

  1. funniest thing ive ever seen when i was running back, you were running with adam behind you, your legs were moving in like cartoon speed and the look of desperation on your face… priceless!!!


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