Session 3: Thai Boxing with Hensen

Today was my third Thai boxing session with Hensen, and I think it went alright!!! We are working on the basics, because like in school the basics are key and since I have no previous Thai Boxing experience so I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. No habits to really break, just working into habit of proper technique and its good he breaks everything down smoothly so I understand. I loved the one analogy that was told to him by Higson about a dog peeing on a tree or whatever (ha-ha)!!!

He really had my legs burning, we did a lot of ground of kicks, and it didn’t matter how many kicks I got in a round he was looking for technique and seeing how I reset myself and try again. Not going to lie I was feeling the burn, tried to suck it up as much as I could because I didn’t want to look like a pussy, seeing how I work out as much as I can. But like he said (which made me feel not as retarded) that it’s a completely different type of work out, and your moving an entirely different way so of course your going to feel a burn (in probably the weirdest places too).

Then towards the end of the hour we were putting some of the kicks together with basic combos. If you watched me on hand pads in boxing after so many punches I begin to really think about what I’m doing and end up messing up and I get really frustrated, so needless to say this was going to be interesting to say the least.

I told Hensen, that just MAYYYBBEE he should put on a cup, I knew I would probably slip and bag him when I was kicking, he was fairly confident that I would be fine and “not to worry about it.” SO first time going through the combo doesn’t my foot slip a tad, enough for him to put on a cup (on the outside of his shorts), and then he put on the belly pad for my other kicks I was doing. HE LOOKED SO FUNNY, I was getting some what frustrated at some point, so during the break after one of the rounds he starts dancing like a dork and it was just a site to see with this big belly pad and his jock on the outside of his pants my god. BUT it helped me loosen up for the next few rounds.

DID I mention how much I love working with him, its never a dull moment!!!

Friday is our next session!



~ by Christina Sears on March 25, 2009.

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