Dundas Valley Hike….

**Hike Highlights**

Went for my second hike since the weather got warm, just before it got cold last year between August and November I was going a few times a week and it was amazing. Do you know how relaxing it is to just be around nothing, and hear the wind in the trees, the water quickly moving in a stream, deer and horses if they are around.

I went with some good people, had a lot of laughs and good times, I mean we were literally walking around in a crap load of mud. It wasn’t as bas as the first time I went (a bit more dry) but still pretty muddy to say the least.

Christine and I were trying to climb some of the rocks that were around, man what a good/bad idea. She goes first, and I went to help her up because it seemed like she couldn’t get enough grip to get herself up and I guess her pants got caught and the rock was pulling them down as I was helping her up she gets up and all the dust and dirt and moss flings back into my face. I get a mouth full of all of that and I’m trying to not breathe it in as I’m laughing my butt off about her pants. Needless to say I probably ate more sand and moss pieces then I wanted. SO then I try to get up on this rock, it seems easy enough but I had the same problem she did I couldn’t get that little extra grip to pull myself up and my stumpy legs don’t help at all. It was a pretty funny thing I’d say!

We were walking down in the bush and we had to cross one of the streams, there were a bunch of logs (thick and thin ones) bunched up that I had crossed before so I knew I would get across the people who were new weren’t too sure if they would hold. Christine was funny she was looking at it probably thinking to herself she’s going to fall in, as she was walking across them I was like “it will help your jiu jitsu, help your balance” she laughed at me, but she made it across!!!

Another time we were walking back but of course you never go the same way you came and we were by this stream that was flooding some land next to it so needless to say there was a load of mud, I mean thick gross watery mud. Jule and Christine walked across it semi-okay so I thought I could do the same. I had seen where their foot prints sank and tried not to go that way. BUT unfortunately my foot almost got stuck in a section of the mud (just when I thought I was in the clear) that’s right I ALMOST LOST MY SHOE IN THE MUD!!!! It’s a good thing I like my shoes on a bit tight or I would have lost it for sure.

It was so amazing, I can’t wait to go back at some point this week when its nice out. I was talking to Jerri-Rae about it at work and she said she’s down for coming. I’m sure her and I will get into some mischief on the walk if we don’t kill each other first. At work we have our banters and wars but I like the girl she’s great and down to earth!!!

Three hours later, we called it a day because all of us were starving!!!!



~ by Christina Sears on March 21, 2009.

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  1. HAHAHA youre a jerk!


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