Boxfit & MMA….

Christine and I attended the box fit this morning at Steel City Crossfit. Man, I was pretty tired from the week and didn’t realize how sore I was from my session with Hensen until we started our warm up. And the warm up isn’t complicated but everything on me was tired.

I guess where I was sore the most was my “hip flexors” I asked for the proper word for them (I’m a nerd like that). Anyways we did a lot of different kind of rounds on the bag.

Round of jabs, right hands, 10 four punch combos and then you had to do a body weight exercise like squats, or Adam might call out sprawls or lunges, or push ups in between. Then it was tabata rounds we did stuff for abs it was a crazy work out. Adam of course with this big smile on his face because he’s so proud that he worked us hard.

Had a good fun group there, I was commenting the entire time on Teresa’s heavy “brick like” hands. This woman is my height and she just bombs the punching bag and it literally sounds like she’s much bigger then what she is if you didn’t see her. And her punches were hard from the beginning of the round to the end. My punches sounded like baby punches compared to her.

I had to work a few hours after that, but my shift wasn’t too long because the restaurant wasn’t busy.

Swung by Edges at night I was surprised there weren’t a lot of people there, it was Cory, Steve, Chad, Edge and I. I really was hoping to work with Chad a lot because he’s one of the smallest guys but he’s heavy enough to compensate for those beefy girls I usually have to compete with you know? We did a warm up with Edge’s tires jumping in and out of one, dragging another, ball slams off the other one it was crazy but fun I love doing stuff like that.

We worked on a bunch of stuff, did a lot of wrestling but it sucks wrestling with the gloves on. My hands aren’t big enough to be in a small like Steve said I’m like the opposite of Lesnar he needs gi-normous gloves, I need itty-bitty ones!  We were using our boxing to set up getting in for that take down, I ate a few punches to the face my nose was pretty sore and a bit bruised by the end of the night.

**Awesome Little Giants Highlight!**

Has anyone seen the movie “The Little Giants?” If you have, do you remember in the movie when they are in the locker room feeling like they are going to lose and the coach talks about the “one time” he beat his brother on the hill, and then everyone else talks about their “one time” and how even if they lose there is always that “one time?” WELL when we were doing take downs the gloves were really irritating me, and Edge is usually hard to take down with out the gloves never mind with them on, and I ended up clinching up with him and grabbed a hold of his arm and went for a shoulder throw but I dropped to my knees because I find it more effective for me that way and I ended up getting him. I was pretty stoked I was worried about him choking me but I committed anyways. It was fun, I didn’t care if I got taken down a lot I loved working with all these guys again it was so much fun and I was really excited to be there.

It was a good day of training!



~ by Christina Sears on March 20, 2009.

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  1. Great write-up!


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