Been thinking about my training lately, and I wanted to try some new stuff, work on a lot of stuff, and just have fun again while learning and changing it up.

Monday I went over to Iron Tiger’s gym to train with Dave Mair who is an accomplished wrestler, and he does seminars and trains fighters and helps them work wrestling into their game. It was good, brushed up on some stuff, learned some new stuff; probably try to get that in when I can.

At night on Monday I took it off, I was going to go train but I haven’t been getting much sleep over the last few weeks and I’ve been waking up doing crossfit work outs and then finding time to train in the day not to mention working all the time so I was just pretty zonked.

I did go on a hike though on Monday, the trails were really muddy and slippery and wet but it was awesome I was covered in mud by the end of it, it was excellent! I was going down this one steep hill and I ended up slipping on mud and slid down on my feet like I would if I had skis on it was so funny when I stood up it looked like I had poo stains on my pants from the brown mud. I was covered but I don’t care, I mean it was a great hike, decent weather, good fun company it was great. Hopefully going with some people again Saturday at some point!!!

Today I did some Thai Boxing with Adam Hensen, he’s an up and coming Thai boxer who has really worked his way up in the amateur muay thai world. I met him at HSMA he started grappling there and we bonded over time. He’s got an amazing family, an amazing wife to be and he himself is like a brother from another mother. When he started his Thai Boxing I knew he was surrounding himself with some great people (like Adam Higson and his fight club). And I knew when I was ready to get my hands wet and try some Thai boxing I would be going to Higson OR Hensen for that.

We worked on a lot of basic stuff because again, I come from a wrestling background and progressed into jiu jitsu and started boxing (when I could) but I never learned kicks or knees or anything like that so he’s sharpening up my boxing cleaning it up (like Edge was) and now he’s showing me kicks and knees and what not.

I think he’s one of the only people that connected with me, he didn’t make me frustrated, or feel stupid and that I couldn’t do something. He really explained everything down to a tee. Get this, the kid was demonstrating some techniques even with the cast he has on his leg from his broken tibia. I know he will be as dedicated to me as a coach as I am to him as his student. PLUS if I had to pay someone to train me, I would want to be 100% sure I was going to get my money worth and honestly if it cost me 100$ an hour I would pay it because I know I’m going to get what I pay for with Adam.

I did a documentary in college on Hensen, it was awesome I loved it I loved working with him and his family and it was my first time meeting Adam Higson (whom I’ve fallen in love with). He’s another coach I would love to have, he’s very dedicated to everyone he coaches and teaches. I admire his work ethic, the family he has within his gym and just him as a person. He’s another guy I would pay big money to train with because he works hard and works his fighters hard. When I was shooting some stuff at his gym honestly I respected so many of the women that were there and Higson…

** Documentary on Adam Hensen**

I’m excited to train again tomorrow with Hensen!!! I know that I’m going to progress nicely, maybe I’ll follow in his foot steps (haha lol yeah right)!

Think I’m going to stay in, hang out with my cat… he just got back from the vets today he got de-clawed and fixed. Poor guy is meowing in pain I’m sure and he’s still sort of doped up. Poor guy, I’m not a cat person never was but my cat sometimes thinks he’s a dog so it makes up for not having a dog. It’s hard to hear him cry for no reason and huddle in a corner because he’s uncomfortable to do anything. Hopefully he heals up right nice!!



~ by Christina Sears on March 19, 2009.

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