Thai Boxing Day 2…

img_4214Today was my second training session with Hensen, we focused a lot on kicks today just because I have some what of boxing experience training over at Edges. It’s not a lot of experience but its enough it’s like a wrestler who wants to do jiu jitsu, he still looks alright just because he can move himself when he gets on the ground and take the guys down you know?

Anyways, we did a lot of basic technical stuff, working on push kicks, knees, over and over again until I got use to the motion. When I use to wrestle we use to drill certain things for like an hour, so the way Hensen is structuring all this for me is fantastic and I think its sticking… I feel awkward, and off balance, and just crippled trying to do some of this stuff but he says its normal (which doesn’t make me feel so useless).  I really can’t wait for him to get his cast off, and I get the hang of this Thai Boxing thing (at least the basics), him and I can roll at the gym and do some mma sparring, and incorporate all this into it (for shits and giggles) that’s going to be so much fun!

Every technique that we did off my front leg was brutal, it felt so brutal but he made a good point about if your injured you have to know how to fight south paw because that’s what might save you in a fight. You can’t take the leg kicks you have to switch it up you know and I never thought of it that way, and I think he made a lot of sense! My legs were burning, but in the weirdest places, I wish I knew the proper names for where… but just take it from me I’m sore right now in places that I’ve never been sore before.

What made my training session was when we were doing combos and throwing in some kicks and knees he called out a front something and I stopped and was totally confused on how to finish it. SO we laughed about it he said never mind called out what I thought was a different combo, and then said what to do next and wouldn’t you believe I did what I was confused to do second before. I was so excited because usually at that point I would have just been so frustrated… it was a good laugh! I really want to do well, I’ve got a great teacher and good people supporting me so we will see how it goes.

This is so new to me, I’ve never done any Thai boxing and myimg_4222 actual boxing is so limited because I can’t get out to the boxing days to train because of work. I wish I could put more time into it, but I can’t. It’s going to be interesting to spar with Christine when I get the hand of this Thai Boxing stuff… Her game is stand up, that’s where she’s strongest so I always look to her to challenge me there, as I challenge her where she’s weak on the ground HOWEVER on Wednesday night she was actually working hard. She distributed her weight fantastic, held me down great... I couldn’t believe it was the same person. She actually got aggressive and I couldn’t get up sometimes it was friggin awesome. I was SOOOOOO proud of her.

My next training session with Hensen is next Wednesday so that’s going to be fantastic. Anyone looking to get private Thai Boxing lessons or personal training in should contact me and I can point you in his direction honestly you will see results. This is my second session and I feel a lot better about some stuff today then I did yesterday!

I hope I can get out to Edges tomorrow, I miss them… I really do! I wish I could get out there more its so annoying that I can’t it makes me so irritated every Monday and Friday when I can’t make it out there. That’s another place that feels like home to me, I don’t feel stupid when I’m there I respect everyone that trains there and have SOOO much respect for Edge. I love doing the MMA classes out there they are so much fun, even though I usually take a beating.

Tomorrow at 6am Christine and I are doing the Crossfit “box fit” class which is a conditioning class geared towards boxers. It’s awesome and we have a good group of people there it’s a lot of fun and Adam usually kicks the crap out of us with the conditioning. Christine says she sees results which is awesome, I see some too when I’m boxing and hitting pads my arms don’t get as tired as they use to.

img_4234The only thing that sucked today was my wrist. A few days ago it was throbbing it felt like I sprained it (but I don’t think I did). The pain would come and go really, and today I went to throw a right hand and it felt like I crunched one bone onto another in my wrist, then hit the pad for a second right hand and my hand went numb it was the worst feeling ever. I’m going to try and get out tomorrow or something and get another pair of hand wraps a longer pair I think, and I want to get new gloves to so I might look around and see if I can order a pair!!! And now that I’m doing Thai boxing I want to look into getting shin pads so that’s on my to do list.

I had an awesome conversation with Pete Spratt today, he’s always a good character to talk to. He’s doing some of the same work outs I’m doing these days his are obviously more intense because he’s actually fighting and what not but its always great conversation I can’t wait to do a story on him. I think I might be doing a story on a few other people it’s going to be great I can’t wait to get the stuff on the go.

Today I was a bit irritated (like later on), came home and slept off the anger and frustration. I think I was out for almost four hours or so. Then when I got up I  went out and cleared my head a bit which made me feel a bit better, but I didn’t really feel like talking with anyone. I feel like an idiot people don’t get me sometimes and I wish I could let them jump into my skin and just walk around in my shoes for a day I really do… I’m over it I don’t care anymore I really don’t!

Well stay tuned for tomorrow box fit update



~ by Christina Sears on March 19, 2009.

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