Rowing, Kettlebell Swings, & Pull Ups…

Its 7:56am, I’m sitting in my yoga pants and a hoodie still with sweat dripping down my back, and even in my bum crack (mmm soup ass I know you wanted to read that)! I went to crossfit this morning with Christine, I felt bad because I set my alarm for 4:40am and it didn’t go off? I heard my phone making its stupid annoying sound and I was all confused, when I saw it was her I was like “OH MY GOD” and just like the movie “Home Alone” I started rushing around and ran out the door. I had only got maybe two hour sleep. I worked a closing shift last night and it takes a bit for me to unwind after work so I knew I was going to be up until two at least. So I watched some “Wild Boys” I think that’s what it’s called with the jackass crew?? I watched that with Julian for a bit till I winded down from work.

So we get there and the work out of the day is:

500 meter row

21 Kettle Bell Swings

12 Pull Ups

For 3 rounds

I felt good the first round, and then the rowing got to me a bit, and then I started to feel the burger I ate at work the night before (which I shouldn’t have ate but I craved it to bad).  Every time I would move forward for the row I felt like that burger was going to show its ugly chewed up face to me. Adam was happy to hear about my progress in the tourney, and like I said part of how I performed was thanks to him and these brutal morning classes.  I finished the work out in 16 minute and 11 seconds (sigh) and I think I was the last one done, the other lady that’s there (probably the oldest out of all of us) was rowing like a mad women and busted everything else out pretty quick, my hats off to her she did awesome!!!!

After I sat on my 5 weights that it took to boost me up to the pull up bar and talked with Adam, he informed me that he thinks I could have done better against the jacked chick I got in the finals, I agreed I confessed to him that when I shot in feeling the weight was intimidating and I panicked a little and I think it siked me out. But I knew I could have out wrestled her and gave her a better go then what I did, I’ve done better against bigger chicks then that…. BUT like I said I’m a work in progress so Adam is probably going to push me a lot harder for the next competition *sigh* its BACK to the drawing board!

Morning work out is done possibly two other ones to go I’m going to take a nap… stay tuned!



~ by Christina Sears on March 11, 2009.

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