Cutting Edge! Home Sweet home!!!

So the weekend is over, and its time to get back to work. I did take the morning off Crossfit today, HOWEVER only because Christine was recovering from Vegas and her and I usually carpool together.

I managed to get the car (thank god) and jet up to Cutting Edge, honestly I missed training up there, I missed the guys I train with, I missed Edge… It felt so great to be back there and I hope I can make it out on my own 2 days a week.

Walked in and my team mates congratulated me on the tourney this past weekend, win or lose my team is there for me, they work me hard and when one of us wins the whole team feels it and it’s the same with a loss too. Like Rashad said during his commentary at the UFC during the Jardine fight, we all train with each other, push each other like a family and we want everyone to do really well.  And that’s what you should expect when training at Cutting Edge!!!

But just because I did well this weekend doesn’t mean I don’t need to work on stuff, so I was back to my homework and working what I needed to work on. I was working with one of Jay’s buddies, pretty thick guy just started out not to long ago, and we were doing one arm shoulder throws. I felt bad for him because he’s use to training with guys and here I come and now he’s working with a female who’s a midget ha-ha poor guy!!!

He refused to throw me, he said he would much rather not it would make him feel better, but I did help him get the technique down (or tried too) it takes awhile to get use to and I’m sure its not easy working with someone much much muuuccchhh smaller then you either. And we took turns doing it back and forth, I told him I need to throw him because it will help me out and asked him if he knew how to break fall. He did so we were good. I felt fairly strong throwing him though, I remember a time when I had problems getting under someone heavy like that and this time it wasn’t bad at all I felt great. He was laughing a bit I think I disbelief I could throw him I even shocked myself.

Then Bryan had me working on control from the top something I totally need to do and be much tighter with. So I practiced going from position to position, being as tight as I can and just grinding him out. He worked on his escapes and I tried to help where I could, it’s hard being new and soaking in so much stuff.

He was telling me he didn’t want to crush me, and I laughed and said “do you really think these guys take it easy?” He then said to Jay “you beat on her?” and Jay(who I always have great banters with) says back “I drill her when I can, I don’t respect her,” and Mat jumped in and said “I beat on her because I respect her,” both laughing their  asses off because once upon a time they didn’t really go hard with me either, but they got to know me and now I’m one of the guys and they have no problem punching me in the face, or grinding me out while we roll or almost making me puke with their weight. BUT I appreciate it too because it does prepare me for later on you know???

I then rolled with Mat’s girlfriend who came out to her first jits class that night. She seemed kind of nervous which is fine, I mean Jiu Jitsu is a very close contact sport I can see how it can be weird. She was like “I don’t really know anything” and I just said work what you learned today and if I see something I’ll help yeah out. So that’s what she did and she was very very technical with the stuff she learned she really soaked it in which was great. She was pretty strong too which was great to have to get out from the bottom and what not. I’m really hoping she comes out more, and I see her all the time she’s be a good fighter for sure!!!

AND then of course I rolled with Edge-a-reno! And what is the FIRST thing he catches me in, a stupid front choke… WHY? Because my frigging head was down GOD! I’m such an idiot!!!!

But it was fun tried to stay on top try and work some of my wrestling, he was really nice with almost making me puke and tapping me out left right and centre and decided to grind me out some… GOTTA love him! Ha-ha!



~ by Christina Sears on March 9, 2009.

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