Bringing Home 2nd Place to Canada!!!

**Walking through the crowd @ the Arnolds, and SOME of the Strong Man Competition**

It was another beautiful day in Columbus Ohio today the weather was 23 degrees, shorts and t-shirt weather for sure there was a breeze but it was a comfy breeze.

The Arnold classic was rammed today, a lot more people they yesterday it was hard to move anywhere. I think it was because the UFC is tonight (Jardine and Jacksopicture-0541n), I would watch the fights tonight but it’s blocked out from this area, you have to be so many miles outside of Columbus to watch it (pretty crazy eh)!!!

So last night, I was pasing a little bit, couldn’t sleep really ended up staying up a bit later and watched movies just trying to clear my head a bit. I just kept going over how many ways I wanted to win, what I wanted to try, things I have trained to over come, and telling myself I can stand toe to toe with the women in the advance division of this tournament. I trained hard, and put on 15 pounds because I was tired of weight being a factor when I get on the mats people making it an excuse “she’s much bigger then you, it’s because you’re so tiny” I was tired of it. When you’ve been competing in a sport where you know weight is always going to play a factor after awhile it’s not an excuse anymore. You either fix it or don’t fight.

So after I graduated school last June I was committed to the gym, I was training Monday, Wednesday, Friday three times a day and then tried to get in some boxing Sunday’s when I wasn’t working. I would do my heavy lifting on Tuesdays and Thursdays (and sometimes Saturday’s if I wasn’t working) Then on Monday, Wednesday Friday I would train with Coach Marini in my conditioning, and sports specific stuff and sometimes go to the other gym and do cardio intervals on the treadmill, skipping, or another crossfit work out. At night I wpicture-068ould hit up Cutting Edge or HSMA…. Cutting Edge really opened my eyes for sure to another world of BJJ. Bryan is a smaller guy and understands what it’s like to be the smallest usually and really picked me a part and helped me where I needed it. I’m still a huge work in progress but he definitely stepped up his game. And he had the help of the Cutting Edge Crew too, those guys are tuff and they remind me all the time that there will be no girl bigger then them out there, and they helped make me stronger, they gave me more of a backbone, and they really have prepared me for the worst in some ways.

Then August 27th… the worst happened my grandfather died and it hit my entire family hard. This was a man we were all very close to, a man who loved his grandkids, and a man who had the strongest heart ever out of anyone I ever knew. My training hit a halt, I couldn’t get my head into it, I wanted to cry all the time and like everyone I missed him very much. It’s hard to watch someone who means so much to you take their last breaths and slip away from this world.

I was frustrated with training, I would break out into fits sometimes at my trainers, and just break down crying, I wanted to give up all the time, I didn’t want to push myself and I lost all desire to do anything for a long time.

I’m not sure at what point the hunger to win, and the desire to train came back. I eventually tried to use that anger I had in me that rage and used it in training as much as I could. Christine really stepped up coming to crossfit classes with me. She’s never done any of that stuff before and when we were talking about it she totally was game. THIS was cool because even though our crossfit is like a team (or a family) we still compete when we do a crossfit work out. And it made me work a lot harder knowing she was there and when I wanted to quit she was beside me pushing me just like I was for her.

Then Coach Marini pushed me in my lifts, I started to realize for 4’11 and 115lbs I was a lot stronger then I gave myself credit for. After all the injuries I over came in the last year and my grandfathers passing I managed to get my lifts up to 150 pound squat, strict press 65 pounds and doing a lot of other stuff that would look crazy to someone who didn’t know me (because my looks are so deceiving).

**Some of my Crossfit & MMA Training from Oct 2008**

Adam pushed me in the Crossfit classes, I started to see that I’m a lot stronger then the women in some of the crossfit classes which was a huge boost because they were a lot bigger then I was… intimidating women at first but it made me want to work much harder so I could go head to head with them during a work out.

I realized that I had to gain weight for this tourney (just like any other one); the first time I compete I didn’t even place here at the Arnolds. They put me into heavy weight because there was NO ONE in my division, and I lost by points. I was so angry because I wasn’t strong enough or big enough. I knew the kind of talent (with this sport growing) that was going to be here. Naga is a respected organization that ranks competitors nationally and really puts their name out there. I knew I had to step it up if I wanted to win and be prepared if there was no one in my division.

There were over 70 women competing in all the divisions put together, which is UNHEARD of, I couldn’t believe it and I was so stoked. As I looked around me there were some girls who were from some respected jiu jitsu schools like Eddie Bravo’s gym, George Gurgel’s Gym etc… So I knew no matter what skill level they were, they came to fight and that’s exactly what they did. A lot of the women were pretty jacked I couldn’t believe how strong they looked and a lot of them had crisp technique.

** Some of my Heavy Lifting before the Arnolds**

I had some solid girls in my division some who have done a lot from wrestling, to jiu jitsu, to judo, to Thai boxing; they all were solid and thick. One of the girls (who I would meet in the finals) cut weight to get into my division so she was at the top of it I think she walks around 10 pounds heavier then 120 so…

I watched her destroy the first girl and was a bit nervous….. I got up for my match, not going to lie I wasn’t sure what would happen. I haven’t competed in awhile and I put on 15 pounds of muscle so I wasn’t sure how that would play a factor. I was excited and interested to see what was going to happen though. I got on the mat and I knew the girl I was fighting was a wrestler she was talking to me about it, I also know how hard it is to take someone her size down because she was my exact height and she was what I weighed 7 months ago. She got down really low hell I didn’t even feel like I was low enough and my fighting stance is low. I knew my wrestling wasn’t shitty, so I knew I would be able to wrestle with her, she did judo so I knew I could defend her throws, but I also knew for a smaller chick she was going to be strong. I didn’t get a big head about it I just knew to keep focused.

Went in there and she was circling me like I was going to be eaten, and then she pounced at me with a take down. I sprawled pretty hard and right away suck my one arm under her neck because I noticed her head was down. And when MY head is down in training Edge chokes me out with his famous front choke so naturally I went for that but she drove into me when I had it so I had to readjust and try and lock in the guillotine choke. She passed to side control but I felt pretty strong to hold in the choke it was pretty deep and I got my guard back and popped my hips up while driving her neck to one side while my arm crushed the other side making it impossible to breathe. It was the first time I bothered with a guillotine choke in a tourney. And it was successful and quick I think the match was maybe 30 seconds long. I knew I didn’t want to go the full six minutes especially when I knew if I wont I would be fighting the girl who destroyed the other girl in my division. My thoughts on my first fight I thought I did well played it smart, and my sprawl was hard and solid her head hit the mat and I think my reaction was great. I bashed my nose at some point in that fight though, when I got up my eyes were dripping with tears and my nose was just throbbing it sucked. However it could have went another way where when she got side control she could have slipped out.

**Training in Sept 2008 just after my grandfather died**

So I meet up with the heavier girl in the division and she’s jacked. I mean her arms are massive she obviously does weights too. But when I was standing toe to toe with her in the beginning I felt strong, I knew she was heavier so I was trying to feel her out just pumbling my arms trying to get my grip so that way I could pull off a clean technique and end up on top (its what I wanted). So I shot in and felt the weight so instead of staying there I pulled out some and tried to get my guard, which was fine she got side control so I started to work out of that and she mounted me. The one spot I know I need a hand with when someone heavier is on top, so I pretended it was Edge or Jay on top of me and telling me to work out of it, so I kept working trying to get out of it using my elbows and what not but she was pretty solid. I tried to do something and she was trying to trap my elbows. Eventually she set up a tight arm bar and I tapped. I wasn’t ashamed of losing even though I wanted first. She was solid and I didn’t’ feel weak I still felt really strong just need to work more on getting out faster or something, just keep drilling it over and over… its what I will work on for the next tourney which I believe is in May.

***Fight Footage From the Arnold Classic 2009***

My face had some scratches from rash guards and t-shirts, I have a little bump on my head from the last chick I fought and I grinding heads (like wrestlers), and my nose is just so sore from bashing it. Other then that I’m not injured and I feel great, I feel strong, and I feel ready to get back in there and train and work on what I need and do my crossfit and lifting because I did notice a difference. AND it was weird but amazing to fight someone my size in my first fight. I felt like Sherk, I felt strong really strong.

I want to thank everyone for their support; I know a lot of people have been following my training blogs and giving me their feedback and really supporting me. My family has put up with me and supported me and I want to say thank you to them. A SPECIAL thank you to Laura (who I work with) who came down to Ohio to see me in action, it was great to have her and her boys by my side cheering me on. I want to say a big big thank you to Bryan Edge and my team mates at Cutting Edge MMA in Caledonia, My conditioning coach Adam Morden, my strength and sports specific coach Simon Marini, Christine for training with me and helping get me ready by letting me fight with her on a regular basis. HSMA for the support over there. Shonie Carter and Frank Trigg for their positive support (much appreciated).

Look forward to competing again only bigger, faster, stronger then today. Taking home second was a great feeling next year I’m hungry for first.



~ by Christina Sears on March 8, 2009.

4 Responses to “Bringing Home 2nd Place to Canada!!!”

  1. Awesome Congrats !! 🙂


  2. Wish I could be there to watch this year. Congratulations!


  3. Good job Tina! Nice to see ya fight with the confidence we all beleive you have.


  4. Good job Tina! Nice to see ya fight with the confidence we all beleive you have.
    Forgot to say excellent post. Looking forward to reading the next one!


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