Columbus Ohio Day Two…


The beds in the hotel are quite comfy, as are the pillows, nothing like Edmonton… I slept pretty good got up around 8:30am, checked my fan mail and hopped into the shower. I got ready to go out and hit up some shopping before the Arnold Classic.

Went to Dicks sporting good store, I needed a new mouth guard, hand wraps and sports bras. They have the wicked sports bras the spandex ones that are usually 60 or more dollars in Canada where here they are like 25 dollars. Even with the exchange, its still a deal I think.

Then heading to the Arnolds there was a lot of police everywhere, it was confusing I never seen so many cops at every exit, ever over pass, everywhere it was crazy. Then there was an entourage of police and security with a black limo looked like a government limo maybe Arnold going to the Classic. The stopped the rest of the traffic a little further down it was crazy. THEN the exit to get back to the hotel was closed so it was time to wing it, and try and figure out how to get back to the hotel. So figured that the highway was going to be packed for awhile so chilled in the hotel for a bit before hitting up the Arnolds.picture-042

I appreciated a lot more this year. I watched some of the strong man stuff and seeing them lift this 875 pound thing up a ramp it made me think about dead lifts and how hard they can be and how much work it is to get up to the point where you can lift that much. It was interesting to say the least. I watched a bit of the figure where they were doing there 45 second thing, it reminded me of cheerleading on steroids to be honest… really weird, the body building women were huge I don’t understand why they would take roids and hormones to get like that its not attractive and some of them look like a circus attraction. Kudos to the amount of work they do and what not but really that’s a bit much don’t you think???

There were a lot of meat heads in there, when you looked around the girly women were half naked at booths and the rest it was a guessing game (man or women)!

Met up with Shonie, he’s always a pleasure to talk to gave me a bit of a pep talk asking me if I’m ready to compete was talking about some Judo throws he wants to show at his Seminar tonight. He said he wanted to do some Greco Roman Wrestling and Judo at his seminar which would be different and interesting wish I could have attended. Talked to Trigg he’s not getting in until tonight so he will be at the Arnolds tomorrow can’t wait to meet up with him and see what’s up.

picture-052I weighed in too, my weight class was 119.9 and under I got on the scale and weighed in at 119.5 I was a bit worried about missing weight and having to get half naked (that would have sucked). I asked the guy before I register if he knew if he knew there was going to be any women in that division because you pay 80$ for one event and 100$ for two events. AND if there is no one in your division they bump you up (well in my case they do) and you’re not refunded the money which is annoying because I can fight heavier people here in Canada yeah know? Its frustrating being bumped up and I think that’s what gets into my head when I compete. I have to remind myself I’m a hell of a lot stronger then I was two years ago, hell I’m stronger then I was from the last tourney I competed in. The guy wouldn’t give me a straight answer I mean you think if he’s the one accepting applications he can give you an estimate of the number of girls in that division thus far? No?

SO tomorrow 11am on mat 1 I’ll be there…



~ by Christina Sears on March 7, 2009.

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