Arriving in Columbus Ohio….

picture-022This blog comes from Columbus Ohio where I will be for the next three nights (total of four days). I ended up going to bed later then what I expected but was up and at it early around 8:45 in the morning, I still had a few things to go into the laundry before I packed. I had to make sure I had a lot of comfortable things to wear. This is my third year coming over here to Ohio so I know how comfy you have to be when walking around the Arnolds. There are so many people and no one watches where they are going, not to mention you have these big body builder meat heads bashing right into you and they are so large that you just bounce off of them. Well… I bounce off of them, probably because I’m pretty small so I usually get elbowed. So I like to be comfy, and that’s how I packed plus I had to remember my grappling stuff, and made sure I had something decent to wear for Saturday if I end up meeting up with Laura and Neil and going out.

My face is a bit cut up from this week, not from training I mean that would make a better story then the one I gotpicture-006. I was sick last week and like everyone when I was blowing my nose and cleaning it eventually it got really red, and sore. WELL last Friday I went to Dirty Dancing (the play) in Toronto with Steve (he got me the tickets for my birthday) and I wanted to look decent and not so sick. So I put cover up on (especially around my nose). And then I tried to get ride of the chapped skin by using body lotion to moisturize the skin, which would have been fine but I was feeling so crappy after the play that I came home put on Vicks (even put some under my nose so I could smell it) and went to bed. The next morning I guess since I went to bed without washing that crap off my face and then adding the Vicks, soaked into the open scratched skin from the Kleenex and infected my skin making it boil up looking like I burned myself, then it looked like a bad cold sore and now it looked like I ate mat. BRUTAL I feel like an ugly gross mutant.

I got my hair corn rowed yesterday (thank you Rebecca), MAN my head hurt a bit, because the braids are tight (obviously), but it will help keep it out of my face its so much better to fight with them like that to be honest. You don’t have to worry about anything and it doesn’t go anywhere.

picture-024Packed all my stuff and hit the road, there was an awesome sky out, on the way there the weather went from 10-18 degrees which felt like summer when the sun was out, not as HOT but like decent hoodie weather. And when the sun was down it just felt like a summer night usually cool but not cold yeah know?

I don’t like driving at all in the USA, everyone fly’s up your ass and they go 130 or 140km it’s crazy… I wasn’t a fan it really made me nervous, plus I didn’t want to speed and get pulled over by a cop over here yeah know?? Don’t want to deal with stupid crap like that.

Got to the hotel, it’s the same hotel I’ve stayed at every time I’ve come to the Arnolds it’s a nice hotel which is probably 10  min drive from down town Columbus. I usually get the 2nd floor rooms but this time I got the first floor and the room is quite big. I have 2 TV’s, 3 phones, 2 beds, a desk, mini kitchen (but no stove), huge bathroom… it’s pretty nice I’m happy about it.




I’ve been thinking about the tourney this weekend, not going to lie I’m sort of nervous I know that I want to see where I’m at with my strength and what not and my jiu jitsu but in the same sense I’m really hoping there is someone there my size this year. Last time I was here (granted I was almost 20 pound lighter) but there was no one here in my weight. And I mean 120 and under is hit or miss sometimes. I just don’t want to be bumped up to heavy weight or whatever (no thanks) I can fight heavy people at home you know?? I don’t want to waste my time but in the same sense I’m sure I’ll do it anyways.

I’m excited to be meeting up with Trigg and Carter this weekend; it’s always a delight to see them. They have been great to me especially Trigg I really enjoy talking with him and working with him on things and picking his brain about stuff. It’s great too because he’s got his Tagg Radio, he’s doing the video blog stuff, he’s really putting himself out there and I think doing a great job!!! I really look up to him in a business sense….

SO tomorrow I think I’m going to weigh in, maybe walk around the Arnolds for a bit see who’s all there, then try and find a Dick’s sporting good store see what I can grab while I’m here, and maybe go out to eat or something. Hopefully meet up with Laura at some point tomorrow who knows, maybe hit up the hot tub and relax….



~ by Christina Sears on March 6, 2009.

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