150 Pound Squat….

*** Monday’s Lifting, 150lb Squat***

Wow, woke up this morning feeling kind of crappy, not sure what it was really I just didn’t feel like myself.

So the work out of the day today was “ANNIE”

Double Unders (but I did tuck jumps)

Sit ups


Sounds easy eh? But when you do Crossfit you learn fast event eh “simple” seeming work outs have a catch to them.

I did core on Monday after my heavy lifting (or part of it), so needless to say I was dying with the sit ups… but god knows I need to tone my “ponch” up so I just pushed through it the best I could.

I ended up finishing the work out in 10: 59 not too shabby but I didn’t do the double unders I did the tuck jumps which may or may not be harder, I didn’t like either so it wasn’t a walk in the park for me by all means.

Adam likes to really kill his clients when putting them through a work out, I mean he means well and just wants you to be a tough S.O.B but MANNNNNN!! Ha-ha so maybe he decided we didn’t work hard enough, or that he just wanted to have some fun so he decided that we were NEXT going to do medicine ball cleans and ball slams for four minutes as many reps as possible within that four minutes.

That four minutes seemed like a life time let me tell yeah! Adam with a big smile on his face knowing we were all dying made him proud I’m sure.

b4-after_edited-11<— BEFORE AND AFTER—>

As the day went on I started not to feel so hot, after crossfit I felt like my heart was just pumping out of my chest (as if I was on 7 Red Bulls or something), so I laid down when I got home and tried to sleep and I couldn’t even do that I just felt really sick.

Sure enough as the day went on I started to get congested and then my body started to ache, and then I could feel my face started to hurt because of the congestion in my nose. It’s brutal! I was so angry because I’m competing at the Arnolds in a week and I don’t want to be sick or getting over a cold that’s crap. SO I decided to train today anyways, I went to HSMA and Christine and I did mma sparring which was fine by me, she needs to work on the ground and I need to work on getting in when people are smashing me in the face. I had to figure out how to get around her jab, I got a few really good double legs and picked her up and put her down on the mat it was cool I never done that before. I tried to make her work on the ground; I know she has it in her to do great things she’s got to just be aggressive for what she wants. At one point I had her in mount and I was ground and pounding her and telling her to get out and what not, I’m sure I pissed her off and frustrated her but its all part of the sport.

After that I really did feel like crap… I hope this all clears up before the classic or I’ll be pissed. It’s the first time in 8 years that I’m not at the bottom (I mean dirty bottom) of a weight class, I’m close to the top and I won’t need to cut any weight which is good I’m pretty stoked about that. Right now I’m walking around at 117lbs almost so I’m pretty content with that. See how it goes, I’m really just competing to see how strong I feel and where I’m at really maybe consider an amateur fight in the summer if I can get in some boxing I’ll probably end up changing my work schedule so that way I can get that down to a t.



~ by Christina Sears on February 25, 2009.

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