MFC Weigh Ins…. Edmonton

ed-herman2I landed in Edmonton Wednesday, over here they are two hours behind Ontario time, so you feel the time difference, and for me the day just seems to drag on you body knows its suppose to be later then what it actually says on the clocks here but that’s just because its what I’m use to for back home.

Staying in a nice hotel casino called the River Cree, its gi-normous if you ask me, they have maybe five restaurants on here, lots of slots, and poker tables, and whatever else a Casino is suppose to have. Not to mention a good size gym, pool and hot tub.

Yesterday after I landed, I didn’t do much… I had a headache most of the night so all I wanted to do was sleep PLUS I was rorysinger23mn4tired because back home it was probably 1am or so and here it was only 11pm.

Today, I got to experience a bigger show in terms of weigh in procedures, there are posters and some billboards up all over the casino about the show, I got to go behind the scenes of the pre-fight interviews, you know like they do in the UFC before the fights? They have both fighters talk about who they are (if they aren’t known) and about their opponent and what not. It was pretty interesting stuff.

While I was in the gym this morning doing a crossfit work out here at the hotel, I was on the treadmill sprinting soloman02and in comes in Ed Herman from the ultimate fighter season three. At first I didn’t notice him I mean it’s not something I would be looking for really, but as I heard the guys talk while the one (who I’m assuming he’s cornering) was checking his weight I recognized the voice and looked over and sure enough it was him. He’s much bigger in person, on the show he looked like a midget skinny dude. But in person he’s actually quite tall and thick, who would have “thunk” it?

That’s not the only big name that’s here right now that is from the ultimate fighter show they also have Rory Singer who was also on season three, and Solomon Hutcherson (you might recognize him from season three when you hear “team dagger”).

Hutcherson was cutting weight when I was in and out of the gym today; he’s also a pretty thick dude.

They have Ryan Ford heading the main event he fought Pete Spratt before and was successful, but anyone who watched that fight would agree that Spratt was robbed of that win. So the MFC isn’t “f-ing” around it’s a pretty good card from what I gather and I’m pretty stoked to be here.

**Spratt VS Ford Rd 1**

**Sprat VS Ford Rd2**

Dale from the commission out here remembered me from last year back in Winnipeg when I was at the UCW out there covering the show. I had a chance to talk to him about commissions, and their role, and just get a bit more information about what their policy is with dealing with fighters who fight on the reservation fight cards and what not. So it was great to be recognized and to get feedback about my writing. Also met up with a familiar face, the guy who partly owns Cage Play approached me and I chatted it up with him, he’s always an interesting guy to talk to and what not.

The weigh-ins were pretty awesome, they had a stage set up in the middle of the casino, with the scale up there just a digital scale, all the fighters were lined up behind the stage in the order of the fight card. Not everyone made weight, it sucks seeing a fighter not able to make weight. I seen some of them cutting in the gym earlier today and some of them were coming down to the wire . They announced the fighter’s name, and like the UFC weigh-ins they guy comes on stage, strips down to his undies steps on the scale, then their opponent does the same they have the stair down in the middle and then up comes the next fight.



~ by Christina Sears on February 19, 2009.

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