George St. Pierre & BJ Penn: The Greasy Situation…

4I was checking my “fan mail” today, and usually after a UFC card where a Canadian fights I get a lot of messages before and after the bout, about who I think is going to win, what I thought of the fights (you know the norm). And someone had messaged me saying “what are your thoughts on GSP apparently cheating in his fight with Penn over the weekend?”

I was floored, so I turned to some MMA news sites for more information, and sure enough there it was “Penn Files Request for NSAC Investigation.” So like everyone who read it I was curious to what evidence he had.

In this article on Sherdog written by “Loretta Hunt” it said that:

 “Mr. Penn’s most critical offensive and defensive strategies, his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, were rendered useless as he was unable to effectively control [St. Pierre] and engage his submission techniques due to Mr. Penn’s legs and arms slipping out of the attempted holds/locks and [St. Pierre’s] ability to readily slip out of the holds/locks due to the highly slippery surfaces on [St. Pierre’s] body,” wrote Penn’s attorney, Raffi A. Nahabedian.”

After reading just that little blurb there I thought “maybe I missed something in the fight” so I looked it up online and decided to really watch it again as I’m sure many fans probably did).


Early in the first round as everyone saw they started in the clinch and exchanged knees, bouncing off the cage, George is working for the takedown and I guess was grabbing on to Penn’s shorts (which happens in fights) but there was no camera angle so Penn’s dramatic “HEY HEY” might have been unnecessary if the ref was already telling George to let go of the shorts and was on top of the situation.

Other then that, BJ was on the defense most of the round, defending George’s takedown attempts and what not, there was no grappling, and BJ didn’t grab at his legs, or pull at his arms or around his body really to feel anything being slippery. With that being said it was the first round and before that round athletes are checked before they enter the cage. So… on to round two…


So right there in the few seconds you see his corner putting Vaseline on his face and then on his collar bone… nothing extreme really not like they were rubbing it in… It was more like rubbing his face then moving to his shoulders chest area. Then doing that breathing technique that is being showed all over the internet on other fights but montage together to look like every fight he cheated.

BJ gets taken down… in the first round when George attempted to take him down BJ just defended, this time around he was throwing punches to the side of George’s face, which maybe is why George was able to get him down because he wasn’t balancing himself he was throwing punches.

BJ was trying to establish a high guard, and rubber guard, but not really doing anything else, his legs were slipping but that could have been from the amount iof sweat that was off of the two athletes as well, this is the second round you have to remember.  George just continued to move, and pick his shots, considering BJ is a really good jiu jitsu guy so I’m sure George wanted to stay busy that way he wouldn’t be caught in a submission, and that’s what he did, and BJ just continued to throw his legs up and not really do much, didn’t move to better his position and possibly submit George NOTHING. George then proceeds to pass BJ’s guard and continue raining down punches on his head… AND again BJ not doing much just moving very slow sort of covering up. I mean for a BJJ guy I would have expected him to be moving A LOT more then what he was doing from the bottom.

Rogan mentions at 2:37 in the 2nd round that “BJ is staying calm on the bottom here” when really (no offence to BJ) he looked severely tired. BUT in all do respect walking in and weighing in at probably his natural weight and then fighting a guy who gets to the day of the fight and is probably 20lbs heavier then what he weighed in at YEAH that’s going to be a HUGE difference when your on the ground REGARDLESS of the cardio you have.

ON the ground BJ gets back to guard, holds Georges head, and seems to just wait the round out while eating some heavy shots. At 30 seconds, you can hear BJ’s corner telling him he needs to scramble… it was clear he needed to do something because in my eyes he lost that round. Now… Round three


So they cut to George’s corner, and you hear something about rubbing his back this and that. Before round three started you see a guy go up with a towel I’m assuming to towel him off again just before the round starts. BUT even when George comes out in the thirst right away he hits two jabs and a leg kick and looks as fresh as he did in the first round, where BJ is staggering there and looks tired. GRANTED I would too if I was fighting someone who was heavier then me like that but still. I do remember on the pre-fight stuff a certain Hawaiian man saying “after this fight GSP is going to think I’m God because I’m going to keep coming.” I’ve yet to see that and am now watching round three.

After George successfully takes BJ down (which it looks like BJ just fell over), George continues to lay on BJ and work and maul him from the top position. BJ again not really moving around much, just holding down Georges head and trying to hold his arms and hands so he doesn’t get punched and what not. I really think George does a great job of swimming his arms and head around BJ’s arms when he’s holding on, but most will probably argue at this point that… “Nope it’s the lube on St. Pierre’s body that’s allowing him to move like that.” At 2:30 of round three Rogan makes a comment about how much sweat is there and how slippery it is at this point and what not… JOE ROGAN, who sits RINGSIDE, and can see and probably smell the sweat better then anyone in the arena at that i2moment even commented on it.

Penn FINALLY gets up, which was great to see, he was starting to take a few good punches (or hammer fists) and obviously needed to do SOMETHING.

BJ not really working hard for that takedown after he gets up more like resting there while pushing George up against the fence, and George is doing a great job defending, keeping his butt down and his legs heavy.  George reverses so then BJ is on the fence and starts putting some knees to BJ’s body. NOW in the first round BJ was exchanging knees VERY will with St. Pierre, at 1:27 of round three he just looks to tired to bother.

George manages to get BJ down again, and pushes him pretty good against the fence, again BJ not really doing much to help himself, he just looks tired and just sort of hanging in there. BUT kudos to him for being able to stick with it, that takes a lot of heart for sure.

Again before the forth round you see people toweling him off and people from the athletic commission are on top of whatever “complaints” were said and they made sure George was wiped off in the third a few times and now in the forth.


So, George gets BJ in a position he knows all to well, if anyone’s seen his fight with Matt Hughes they would know what I mean. As George starts punching the head BJ puts his head closer to Georges body that way if Gorges hits him, he’s going to hit the back of the head which is illegal, and that’s what happened, and you hear the ref saying don’t do it, but in the same sense George is keeping his head down to protect himself and can’t see where he’s punching he’s just guessing. When you’ve been in the cage you get a feel for things when you’re hitting people but Penn was smart he made George think which gave him a few i6seconds to think himself most likely.  At 2:40 in the forth round the ref says “BJ you have to do something, you have to fight back” I’m assuming he noticed like we all I’m sure noticed, he wasn’t doing much on the ground just sort of hanging in there.

And then it was done, the corner throws in the towel…

Now, I can see where some people might argue why Penn wasn’t doing much, the Vaseline what was on St. Pierre’s body probably made it harder in rounds two – four to hold a high guard, and hold Georges head down, with that said you can see by watching the fight that George PHYSICALLY wore BJ down by the end of the fourth round Penn looked tired, and I highly down Vaseline did that… George St. Pierre DID THAT!

Then on Feb 5th there was another article posted on Sherdog allowing St. Pierre to state his opinion. In the article written by Lotfi Sariahmed he mentions that Hughes even said that in his last two fights with St. Pierre, that he felt greasy a bit. Matt Hughes was dominated by St. Pierre just like Penn was.

Honestly, I think that for argument sake if it was true and he was completely greased up which honestly I think it wasn’t intentional, that the outcome would have been the same. George was just too heavy and too strong for someone who is a great fighter, BUT not great at 170. BJ is better conditioned, at 155 and I think that’s where he should stay.

Frank Trigg makes some great points and he was on Penn’s side for the fight listen to what he has to say in his February 5th video blog:



~ by Christina Sears on February 11, 2009.

One Response to “George St. Pierre & BJ Penn: The Greasy Situation…”

  1. If anyone watched the shows following both GSP and Bj during training you would see why GSP beat the piss out of Bj. Bj took a week off 2 weeks prior to the fight. Bj took GSP lightly and paid the price for it. Bj had NO CARDIO. He got too tired too early and got his ass kicked. As Christina and Kenny Florian said, Bj’s corner threw in the towel. It was NOT a doctors stoppage. BJ QUIT like the bitch he is. Vaseline didn’t do that.


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