Today’s Struggle…

GOD Crossfit sucked today, I knew I shouldn’t have rowed on Monday because with working all week my legs never really had time to rest (not even a bit) so this morning when we got our torture work out of the day Adam had us do

Rowing (500m)

Kettle Bell Swings (I used a 12kg kettle bell)

Push Press (I did 65lbs Push Press)

And I believe we had to do that for four rounds.

Honestly, my rowing was pathetic, I couldn’t even keep a steady pase, I mean the first round wasn’t too bad it sucked but I bit the bullet and pushed through it.  I busted out the kettle bell swings and the push presses.

The first round I forgot that after I got through the KB swings and the push press rowing was next, if someone was looking they in they might think that I enjoyed the rower or something because of how fast I went through the other two. WRONG. The second and third round I really struggled with my rowing, at one point not even keeping an under 2:30 pase, pathetic….

The rower mentally broke me, my legs had no fuel left in the tank and I felt like I couldn’t row anymore. Adam was on my ass the 2nd and 3rd round yelling at me to pick it up, not to quit, pretend this is a fight and I have to give her to win etc… he was saying “this is fucking embarrassing, keep pushing” … motivational BUT I was getting angry with myself and frustrated that I had nothing left.

**Reminded me of Adam today when he was yelling at me,  NOT about what he was yelling about in the video, but Adam had the same tone in his voice!!! hahaha!**

I tried to stay a head of everyone else, the rowing put me behind but the others I busted through which helped me get a head because it was all women there and I guess they aren’t use to pumping out push presses and what not with 65lbs they are all strong women, but I guess I do it on a regular basis with my strict press so I had an advantage.

At one point I looked over at Christine and I was like “man I can’t do this, I literally have nothing left” as tears filled my eyes. She was really great pushing me (as I try and do for her), whenever one of us notices the other struggling we push them… its good to have that with crossfit because it is a hard work out you know…

I did my lifting later in the afternoon and totally wanted to lose it, I felt like everything was too heavy and I couldn’t do it 145lbs which was EASY for me felt like much more… and I felt like I should be doing better then I was.

The guys got together and started rolling, their weight was too much for me because I didn’t have my legs to help me out, I had nothing I was tired and frustrated and just didn’t bother after that. At Edges I went, and was going to train but man, I was just so tired and these guys are all much much bigger and I just didn’t have the power to hold my own this time. So I watched what they were doing that way I don’t lose out on a class…

MAN… today was probably the worst day…



~ by Christina Sears on February 4, 2009.

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