XCC & Training…

img_3547_edited-1It was a long weekend, going down to Port Huron USA for the XCC Battle of the Border. It was the first time I ever attended an amateur show, when I hear about them they seem so… sketchy but this one looked to have run a bit smoother then what I was expecting. There were a lot of familiar faces that I wasn’t expecting to see.

Octagon Fighter & Fan Wear were there, sponsoring the event; they are always great to talk to probably one of my favorite MMA apparel stores close to me. Very nice, down to early guys who won’t sell you something you don’t really need which is great.

There were a few guys from Adrenaline Training Centre in London fighting on the card, so Sam Stout and Chris Horodecki were there. I feel bad for Chris and his bulged disk, it really sucks to have to pull out of a fight due to injury let me tell yeah.

There were a few guys from Cutting Edge that were fighting, which was exciting because I train with those guys all the time you know? And I know how much hard work they put into their training and how hard they worked for this fight and it was just nice being there and being able to support them.

So, waking up at 5am to be at Crossfit for 6am was a bit much after the weekend I had, BUT I sucked it up and went down there. Adam had us do:

Thrusters (65lbs for women) 10-1

Pull Ups 1- 10

Which means (incase your confuzzled like I was) the work out would go like this:

10 Thrusters

1 Pull up

9 Thrusters

2 Pull ups

8 Thrusters

3 Pull ups

And the work out was for time, and I’m never really good with ones for time I need to pick it up a bit and just go for broke. So I tried to push myself this time around but again was taking breathers when really I’m sure I could have done with out, I finished first in the class and my time was 9 minutes and 42 seconds, I’m sure I could have done much better then that.

After that I went home and tried to take a nap, but wasn’t happening with a house full of kids (my mom runs a daycare) SO there was no way I was settle down so I got my stuff ready for work and was organizing sponsorship stuff for a fighter I’m semi-managing right now. Sort of just testing the waters and what not… see what I can do… something different a bit of a challenge.

Headed to work for 12 worked till around 2ish (it was dead) which sucked because I need to make a shit load of money, and the one time I do the restaurant is DEAD fantastic… love when that happens.

After work I headed home got my stuff to train and headed to the gym to do my cardio. I started to run for awhile, and then I got board with the running and did a really good fast incline walk but for some reason ended up getting shin splints (which I never get) and that was soooo annoying so I tried to run again that just made it worse. So I hopped off and skipped for awhile, again it was getting boring so what did I do… I hopped on the rower. I HATE ROWING; anyone who has ever read my training blog or trained with me knows that. Why I did it I have no idea but I did.

I rowed


1 min rest


1 min rest


1 min rest


1 min rest


AND then after that I had something to eat and jetted to Edges for some jiu jistu. My legs were really tired, which they never are. So needless to say JiuJitsu sucked, because everyone felt a lot heavier then what they normally would.

Tomorrow I work a double shift… which is going to suck; I’m quite tired after today.



~ by Christina Sears on February 2, 2009.

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