Squatting Urijah Faber!!!

img_3492I was so burnt out from training last week, and work, and other things I was dealing with I decided to take today off Crossfit in the morning. PLUS before I went to bed my stomach was hurting from something I ate and it still felt pretty gross through out the night. But it was good because Christine was pretty burnt out too, so we will resume training most likely Wednesday morning bright and early at 6am.

I was working on some stuff today for sponsorships and what not, getting some stuff organized I’m looking into possibly trying to manage… Not like full time or anything, but I sort of love the behind the scenes stuff when it comes to getting sponsors, interviews, stories done and what not… So I thought I would do that on the side, plus it will help me get to know the MMA world a bit better, promoters, other fighters, all kinds of connections like that.

I went over to Crossfit in the afternoon, I didn’t do anything hardcore I did my heavy lifting, and added some other stuff, plus I ended my lifting with 8 tabata rounds of sit ups. So a Tabata round is 20 seconds on 10 seconds off I’m pretty sure.

So my heavy lifting today consisted of:


  • – 5 sets of 5
  • – Two warm up sets
  • – Three working sets at 145 pounds

Floor Press

  • – 5 sets of 5
  • – Two warm up sets
  • – Three working sets at 90 pounds

Bent Over Rows

  • – 5 sets of 5
  • – Two warm up sets
  • – Three working sets at 90 pounds

**Work out Highlight**

With the squats I was suppose to do only 140 today upping it only 5 pounds as normal, but the last two times I’ve had to up it 10lbs because 5 wasn’t enough, it still felt easy at 140 so we decided to add on some more weight to make it 145 and that’s what we did. I’m now squatting Urijah Faber’s fighting weight, and I’m 4’11 so I’m pretty stoked about that. I’m thinking about entering into the Crossfit Total this year see how much I can lift. I’m shocking myself every time we up the weight on anything. But when I’m rolling with the guys I always forget I’m a midget female rolling with guys who have sometime 100lbs on me and I feel like I’m not doing well but I guess in reality I’m holding my own which is more then what most females my size can do. More and more I’m starting to feel like Sherk though, and my confidence is increasing slowly but surely.img_3496

My floor press is something I do because it emulates me lifting someone off of me from side control. I’m now at 90lbs which is where I was when I got injured so I’m pretty happy I’m back up there where I was, now its only progression from there. I try and bang these out as fast as I can without thinking about it because someone on top of you is quick… you don’t have much time to react when you’re my size and you need to get them off asap or your finished with the weight crushing on you and it’s a lot more work to get them off of you.

Bent over rows is something new we decided to do. Its suppose to make my back a lot stronger which I’m sure I can benefit from PLUS having a nice cut back isn’t too shabby either.

And the tabata rounds of sit ups are just because I want a nicer cut mid section. My mid section is where I carry all my weight. You know how most women carry it in their butt, or legs, or arms, or even their face? Mines in my stomach and its annoying everyone tell me it’s about diet but I don’t eat as shitty as people might think and I hate when people are down my back about it because I was skinnier then what I was now and I ate EVERYTHING? So how is now any different? I find I gain MORE fat when I’m stressing over dieting… if I don’t pay attention and eat clean I’m fine… I know my body better then anyone. I know I probably will never have abs but I can always try and see what happens.

Went to train at Cutting Edge tonight too, we did a lot of butterfly guard stuff, some sweeps I just couldn’t get I felt like my arms weren’t long enough and it was a bit weird to position myself but I’m going to work on it. I was getting frustrated but I just had to relax (well that’s what I tried to do anyways). I rolled with a few guys and it sucked again I felt so weak GOD! Edge called me over to roll, I always feel like I’m being punished when he calls me out (hahaha). He wouldn’t let me go to my back I had to stay on top at all times, of course he manhandled me and reminded me that he’s not going to take it easy on me because I’m a female. I need to sharpen up my wrestling more, that’s what I learned today grappling with Edge…

I weighed myself after Edges actually because I haven’t in a LONG time and I was sort of curious about what my weight was considering it wasn’t that time of the month or anything and on Edges scale I weighed in at 115.5lbs, which is the heaviest I’ve been. It’s depressing sometimes stepping on the scale and seeing that number when I’m use to seeing only double digits or it being 100-104lbs you know? And now its 115… it just messes with the head. But I’m going to boycott the scale unless I’m weighing in for a tourney or something, because I know it will “F” with my head.



~ by Christina Sears on January 26, 2009.

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