3 work outs… 1 day… bring it!

It was another early morning at Crossfit today, up at 5am and at the gym for 6am. I felt a bit better today, more like myself and not as sick as I was Monday from whatever virus I had for that bit. Of course, my appitite still hasn’t come back to me yet I ate my first heavy meal yesterday I think I ended up getting a chicken sub. Then after that it was small things because my stomach hurt from eating to much at once but I was soooo hungry. Today I took it slow and ate little meals until I got use to eating again, instead of watching it come back up (gross)!

Today Adam had us doing:

Double Unders

Kettle Bell Swings

Sit ups


I officially suck at double unders, I mean I did start skipping maybe in the set of 25 and ended up getting five in a row but that was the end of my streak. I forget how to skip (stupid I know) but I can’t like move lightly its always a hard jump, I end up whipping my arms or feet with the rope, its brutal. If I could get them to flow more I think I would have improved my time a bit. 

I finished the work out at 11: 49

cf2Adam and I chatted after the class he asked me if I was still interested in fighting, and I laughed and said when I’m ready I will be. I explained how I really want to work on my stand up, and brush up on my wrestling, but also told him I’m convinced I’m going to be strong at my size which I’m prepared for and have been for awhile. SO I think Coach Adam is going to help me get my quickness back and be crazy explosive, and of course increase my strength even more and when I do fight I wont be tired. I’ve seen him work with Simon Marini who is an up and coming fighter from Dundas. Simon has gotten so much stronger, and just doesn’t get tired, but if you seen the way Adam and his other coaches works him out I wouldn’t be tired either its crazy. I really can’t wait to get to that level that’s something to look up to and work towards that’s for sure. Simon has a fight coming up on the next MFC card, I have no doubt in my mind that he’s going to quickly work his way up to a MUCH deserved title shot.

I have a lot, and I do mean a lot of inspirations around me from fighters, to coaches, to family, and friends. Everyone really supportive and helping me out along the way which is awesome I never had that when I first started wrestling but then again if I had a friend who at the time was like 90lbs and said to me “I want to start wrestling” I would probably give them the same look I got at that time. But it got better and I don’t regret anything that’s for sure.

This sport has brought a lot of great people in my life, and brought me down some new paths and it’s been interesting.

After the work out I went home tried to sleep for an hour or two before getting ready for work but there was people yelling and kids voices downstairs which made it hard to sleep (as it does anytime I’m home in the daytime). So I just woke up, showered and got ready for work. Worked for a few hours made alright money, usually day’s are slow but they are even slower when your not being sat. I work in a restaurant and I think one of the hostess doesn’t like me I mean when a section in the restaurant is being sat where normally no one wants to sit there because it’s near the front door, and that section is FULL you know there is a problem. So I never make any money during the day because of that which is quite irritating because it almost makes me want to close off my hours again and just train like I was. BUT unfortunately I have responsibilities to pay off a school loan so I can’t just be like some people and train full time.

I didn’t nap after work I went home grabbed my gear for the gym and to train tonight and headed over to Phoenix to get in my heavy lifting in. I felt a lot stronger today didn’t struggle with 135lbs really and I’m trying to make sure my legs don’t buckle in and get back my proper form that’s what I focused on this time around but I think I can bump my strict press up to 70lbs because 65lbs went up no problem so I’m pretty stoked about that finally back up where I left off when I got injured.

After I did some cardio for 20 minutes on the treadmill, setting the speed for 6.7 and ran for five minutes, then walked for five minutes, then again up goes the speed always trying to increase it when I had to run, I think I burned almost 200 calories (which isn’t a lot) but I only had 20 minutes left to work out. I chatted with some of the people at the gym I haven’t’ seen in awhile like Leslie and Sandra always awesome talking with them.

I was telling Leslie how I tried her banana and nutella snack. That isn’t like 100% healthy for you but its better then opening a bag of chips or eating something pretty fatty. For anyone who is interested its really good, like I at first was like “I don’t know” but gave it a try and my god it was “orgasmic.” Ladies seriously if your on your period and have a chocolate craving this will be your new fix.img_3257

  1. wrap a cookie sheet with tin foil
  2. Slice a banana (or how ever many you want) down the middle like you would a bake potato.
  3. You fill that slit with nutella (she said a table spoon of it)
  4. And you stick it in the oven to bake; you will know when they are done when the banana peel is black and crispy.
  5. When the peel is the colour it’s suppose to be you just peel it off and there you have your yummy snack. If you really want to you can add marshmallows to be melted on there too… up to you though.

SOOO after the gym I did my third work out over at Cutting Edge with the guys. I worked technique with Jay, who is also getting ready for a fight his first amateur fight, I rolled with Jer and just put him in submissions for a round and he had to get out of them, I also helped grappling Jay there is usually two people on him for some rounds so after every minute there is a fresh person on him.

I was really excited to see Gavin back in training even if it was for today. I’ve worked out with him a few times and he’s got an awesome ground game and he’s an awesome fighter you can look his fights up on YouTube I’m sure (Gavin Hesson). I heard so much about him and I would love to train with him on a regular basis… great asset to the cutting edge team that’s for sure.

I wasn’t tired after my three work outs today which is good, hopefully see the results of working out three times a week at Crossfit and Cutting Edge and whatever else I can fit in. I want to be stupid strong and get everything up there test it out in March at the Arnold Classic so we will see.



~ by Christina Sears on January 22, 2009.

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