The 25-20-15 Struggle…

What a terrible work out this morning, well it wasn’t literally terrible normally something like this I can bust out no problem and just keep in my own little zone and be fine with it but I was literally struggling and I felt really off today.

Like I’ve never felt sick during a crossfit work out, I thought it might have been some supplements I took or something.

We did a short and sweet work out seeing how that was Adam’s theme for the week 

We warmed up by these stretches (again I forget the name), then we did 2 rounds of the same warm up which were burpees, sit ups, supermen, plank, umm what else there was a bunch of stuff.

SO after that the work out for the day was

 25 – 20- 15 for time of the following

Kettle Bell Swings

Pull Ups

Box Jumps


Normally, something like that I don’t mind, it can be tiring but it’s a good work out doing various things, I mean you feel it everywhere.

I used a 16kg kettle bell which I never usually use, I usually use the 12kg one but I had to give that up to Christine (JERK), Adam told me that the 16kg one was 30 something pounds so I mean that’s not too shabby, I was happy with that, it was a little tougher but whatever how am I going to progress if I don’t challenge myself right?

Well the entire time I felt off, like I mean felt like I was going to puke at some point I couldn’t’ figure it out and it was really pissing me off, I shouldn’t have been as far behind as I was it was embarrassing really which made it more frustrating for me. I ended up finishing the work out at 12:50 LAST ONE DONE… annoying…..

When I got home, I literally went to bed, as gross as it sounds I didn’t even really get changed I just felt sick, so I laid down, at 10ish I got a phone call about training at 2 so I arranged that and then right after I got off the phone I felt so sick. Honestly it felt like someone was really hitting me hard in the stomach, the pain was so much I was doubled over. THEN I found myself with my head leaning over the bath tub of my washroom just getting ready to hurl. WHY is my head in the tub and not the toilet you might be wondering, I mean most people puke in the toilet… right? WELL I just figured regardless of how clean it is, I really can’t imagine sticking my head anywhere near something that people sit down and take the meanest poops, and hover to pee if you’re a chick, or aim and fire if you’re a guy… not a fan and I’m sure it just would have made me gag even more if I had some kind of back splash. This way there is nothing in the tub for it to splash back at me, it smells like soap, and I won’t be as grossed out.

SO from the time I got off the phone until probably 6pm I was puking, and just curled up in a little ball in my bed feeling like complete butt. It was terrible, I knew something was off this morning and that was just my body telling me to prepare but of course I didn’t listen. I still haven’t eaten anything… Didn’t train at Edges today either obviously, there are guys who have a fight coming up and I don’t want to get them sick (if it was anything serious). I wouldn’t wish that upon anyone.

But it was a good class wish I could have participated, GOD today was annoying, I hope Wednesday morning’s work out is a hell of a lot better. I didn’t even do my lifting which I was going to do Monday afternoon… my last day squatting 130lbs…



~ by Christina Sears on January 19, 2009.

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