6am Crossfit Training….

Christine messaged me and was talking about doing a work out a few times a week before she had to go to work in the mornings. She was taking a look at local pools and such to see what we could fit in and what not.

I wanted to start getting back on a training schedule between my work shifts and I thought the same, maybe something early before I had to start work would be good for me too. I reviewed the Crossfit class schedule and noticed they had a 6am class till 7am, which was fine for me because the earliest I would work is 10 30am and I think Christine goes into work for 8 30am she was saying.

So I called her and talked to her about it and she said we would test it out today, so I was up at 5am got my bag packed for training at Crossfit. Adam does a “box-fit” class Friday mornings, so it’s a conditioning work out geared towards boxers, I need a lot of conditioning regardless of what it is and I mean I want to do more boxing when I find the time so I thought it would be good to go anyways, and Christine is a stand up fighter mostly so it would most definitely be a great one for her as well.

There were mixes of ages in the class none of them I think really do boxing just like the class, so I didn’t look as bad throwing a punch (just kidding). We first did a group warm up doing these stretches which are for the hips, they are really good (I forget what they are called though), and did some other stuff. Then we threw on our hand wraps and gloves and got into groups of three. Adam joined in with Christine and me.

We did maybe five; three minute rounds where one person held the bag the other punched it any punch they wanted while moving around more to keep your hands moving the entire time, the third person was instructed to do a few things.

In the first round we did 10 box jumps, and then the person punching the bag would hold it and the box jumper (which was the 3rd person) hit the bag and so on.

Second round I think we did sit ups, another round was jumping jacks, another round was squats, then tuck jumps… I think the best part of those rounds is when you could rest a bit and hold the bag (ha-ha)!

Then we did 15 seconds where one person had to do 5, 5 punch combos and then switched the person who wasn’t holding the bag and wasn’t punching could rest or shadow box. Sounds simple I know what your thinking, but seriously after awhile your like MAN let it end, especially if your not boxing all the time and not use to having your arms and everything move that fast all at once…

AFTER we ended with an abs work out that Adam said usually goes longer but we only had a few minutes until the class was done the abs work out that we did do although not crazy long was still intense it think my gut hurt the most as the day went on (ha-ha)!

I was suppose to train again tonight, however I got this wicked migraine and it just went on for hours and everything was bothering my eyes, so I went to Edges thinking that my head would stop pounding, and it never did so I sat and watched, which was a bit disappointing but it was so bad I’m sure being punched in the head wouldn’t have helped and my vision was sort of blurry so I was scared of hurting someone because I couldn’t see 100% or hurting myself, and some of the guys have fights coming up so I didn’t want to mess with that chance…  I will be getting up Monday at 5am again for another crossfit class I can’t wait then doing my last day of squatting 135lbs, Wednesday I should be squatting 140lbs!



~ by Christina Sears on January 16, 2009.

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