Squatting 135lbs @ 4’11!!!

Had to clear my head some what today, so I decided to hit up crossfit, I knew some of the guys were getting together to roll and train, plus I had to get in my heavy lifting anyways.

So when I got there, I got changed and started grappling with Eddie, he’s an English guy that works as a personal trainer at Phoenix the other gym I train at. He was in the army for England and has some pretty interesting stories and what not usually. He’s a bit heavier then me, not sure what he weighs but he’s a strong guy, and he was going hard (which was fine)… I tried to just stay on top and what not; I ended up submitting him 2 xs with a choke which was pretty cool. I don’t think he was too happy about it though.

THEN I rolled with Orie, he’s a pretty tall lanky, nice nice guy though. Its weird to roll with him because he’s soo tall and there are so many things the guy could probably do and since he doesn’t know much he doesn’t realize, plus I think maybe he feels weird grappling a girl you know? BUT I felt pretty strong today I need to be stronger though I know I do so I have to keep working at it I suppose.

I also did some rolling with Adam, who has been helping me with my strength and conditioning, he’s a blue belt I believe in BJJ so he knows what he’s doing, and it’s a bit harder to grapple him because like Orie he’s also pretty tall and lanky. I can sprawl and he can still reach my legs, GOD you know you’re a midget when eh!

BUT still he makes it a challenge and although it can get frustrating to just get manhandled I don’t mind, I mean nothing is going to come easy, and I’m not a stranger to working at things I want so, just got to work at submitting him.

After, I had to get my heavy lifting out of the way, this week I’m scheduled to squat 130lbs. Not going to lie I was a bit nervous, I mean I’m 4’11 and only 112lbs so it’s a bit intimidating sometimes when I’m working my way up like that. BUT I am pretty excited deep down to give “her hell” at the same time.

I did my warm up sets no problem, and then I asked Orie if he could spot me, I did my first working set of 130lbs and when I was done he looked at me and said “if you can do that 5x’s no problem you can do 135lbs EASY” at first I was like “no no no I’ll work my way up there next week” and with a bit of effort he talked me into it. SO my second set of squats I put a plate on each side, got under the bar and gave it a try. I ended up squatting 135lbs easily, and I finished off like that. I was shocked like it was so unlike me to just go and do something like that, and I know its only a 5lb difference but in my head it seemed like a lot. I was so stoked you have no idea. When I left the gym my head was huge but I was very impressed with myself that’s for sure.

After training I was hungry and hit up a Sushi place to grab something to eat near the gym… I wasn’t a fan of trying to eat my food with CHOP STICKS, no wonder Asians are skinny, it’s hard to shovel it in with 2 sticks in your hand instead of a fork. But in all honesty it was pretty interesting to try and do it, I’m sure your sitting there thinking “it’s not that hard stupid” but I’ve never in my life tried to. But by the end of it I was like a pro (well maybe not that good) but good enough not to spill it on myself. It was like trying to master eating with a fork when you’re a kid. Interesting experience to say the least.

USUALLY on Wednesday’s I hit up HSMA and train with Christine, but I thought I would change it up this week and I headed over to Edges instead. It’s GI nights on Wednesday’s there and I’m not a huge fan of the gi but whatever I brought it anyways and was quite excited when I walked in and saw NO ONE wearing one.

Worked on some take downs and stuff have to get out of some habits but I think I did alright. I feel like I get man handled when I’m over there its frustrating, but all the guys are pretty technical and good which is always good… more of a challenge I suppose.



~ by Christina Sears on January 14, 2009.

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