Before I take a brief nap I thought I would write about the work out I did today at Steel City Crossfit. It was divided into two for the class that had done it this morning, there was a beginner side, and then a more advance side for the courageous people. I had no choice in which side I did I was forced into the advance side. Dreading it, I threw on my IPod with my brand new ear buds and found a motivating song to maybe help me get through this brutal work out which consisted of

30-20-10 of

Man Makers (I used 6 pound weights)

Hanging Knees to Elbows

Side Box Jumps

Push Ups

Kettle Bell Swings (I used a 12 pound kettle bell)

Pull Ups

So you do 30 of each then 20 then 10… and it’s for time.


WELL it sounds easy enough unless your me of course, 1:34 into the work out I managed to smash three of my fingers between the little 6lb dun bells I was using for the man makers. DON’T ask me how I did it, I just did it since my hands were cold from the -15 degree weather and I was just starting my work out it hurt even more, I right away screamed “ouch” and tears started to fall from my eyes (I know I’m a wimp) right away ice was brought over to my hand which didn’t make me feel any better because it was stinging. It’s like when you have your hands ice cold and you wash your hands with warm water… and it just burns and stings. OF course once I started to get feeling back into my hands I joked about what kind of idiot smashed their hand with 6 pound weights a minute and a half into their work out….

SO once that was all fixed up I continued, the man makers were annoying and seemed to be never ending. Everything else wasn’t too bad though. I am tired right now and I still have some jiu jistu to do today which should be great but I’m sure my legs are going to feel like I have nothing left in them, either that or my arms because as I started doing this work out and I got to my set of 20’s I realized how tired my arms were and then realized that most of the work out is all arms.

I finished the work out in 36:58, I thought that was terrible but then again I broke the work out into 10’s and after I hit 10 to shake it out I would dance a bit to whatever I was listening too and then continue. Or I would stop and curse about how much I hated this work out, so assuming I didn’t do all that I’m sure I could have finished a lot quicker… who knows… but for right now that was my finish time. APPARENTLY in the crossfit class this morning some people including Coach Marini and some other advanced crossfitters finished in 38 minutes… BUT I did jumping pull ups and he did ring dips, and he did kettle bell snatches II believe and I did swings… I’m not sure if that made a difference probably but still didn’t make me feel AS bad!!!

SO Jiu jistu is next…



~ by Christina Sears on January 12, 2009.

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