MMA @ Cutting Edge

As I sit here right now, I can tell you that my lips are sore, my jaw is a bit sore, I have no headache, and although I felt a bit useless and behind I still felt like I  progressed a little bit.

My legs were sore from doing Cindy, I know I did it with Christine on Wednesday but usually I get sore two days after a work out, unless I did two or three of them in one day then I get sore at the end of the day and it gets a lot worse two days after. SO Friday I really felt it, my legs were tired and we were doing some things from the guard and I felt like my legs just didn’t have any juice in them. 

I rolled with Merz, he’s stupid strong… I wish I was his size I know he was totally playing with me but I got him a few times I think with some good hits. He made me work though holy crap especially when he was on top…

Rolled with Chad, who is the second lightest really there. I think I’m the smallest but I’m a female he’s probably one of the smallest out of the guys that go there, so it was different training and rolling with him but good too because he makes me work (as I hope I do him) his Jiu Jits has really come along,

Oh then I rolled with Edge, which was great, he obviously manhandled me as per usual. BUT when we first started we touch gloves and I almost always eat leather after that, so this time I thought I would start 2009 off right and we touch gloves and then I punched him, however he smiled at me and said “that’s okay I’ll make up for that” and punched me four times in a row (laughing) I didn’t care that’s Edge.

I was trying to stay busy really was curious how he as submitting me in some situations and really just watched him pretzel me up. I love Edge though, he really pushes me he makes me frustrated sometimes but I know he means well and just wants me to give her you know?

BUT after we were done the round he did compliment me from throwing more from the bottom, and said I caught him and it made him just stop dead in his tracks, even the ones that didn’t have a lot of power on it so that was great to hear I didn’t feel so useless. I’m trying to do what he said before and use my wrestling more. There is just so much that I couldn’t do before because I was too small that now I find a lot easier because of this crossfit stuff and my heavy lifting and what not. So it’s like starting from square one again.



~ by Christina Sears on January 9, 2009.

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