In House Black Belt Presented to….

img_3254I’m writing this as my eyes grow heavy and my body starts to ache.  My neck is starting to pinch a little bit, I wasn’t sure if it was because I worked so much the last few weeks or because I must have “f’d” it again. I’m going to ride it out its nothing like painful just feels uncomfortable once and awhile I think I might put some heat on it tonight when I go to bed relax them “muskles.”

SO, today was kind of productive, I booked a waxing with my cousin Alicia who is a great with ascetics. I went in to get my brows done, its so much better to get them waxed then plucked you rip it all out at once and your good, no picking it out hair by hair how can someone do that to them self? My eye brows were starting to grow wild, so it’s something that needed to be done. And I’ve recently fell in love with hairless arms. I’m Italian so you can imagine what my arms looked like, I mean…. I guess it wasn’t “baboon” like but it’s something I never liked growing up, so I decided to wax them. When I did that when I was lifting or doing a work out and there was a mirror I would notice my jacked fore arms, and how much bigger they looked hairless. SO I went and got them done again and since the last time they have gotten bigger. I can see why men like to be hairless, they get to admire their bulging muscles, and I’m sure their lady friends like things ah… smooth as well!

The roads were slippery, icy, slushy and gross. Some puddles going down to get my waxing done were like title waves when you hit them it was retarded. So I didn’t get back in time to hit up Crossfit like I wanted and roll with the guys, and do my lifting and what not. Kind of felt bad and I want to get back into a routine. Been watching the new shows on Oprah and I think that what she’s doing her shows on right now although to help her is really informative about why people gain weight and its not always about what they eat. AND one of the things I agreed with was that when you keep busy you never have time for you and having time for you is important. And going to the gym, and training is something I did for me, it was something to let me get away from whatever was going on in my private life. And somewhere I lost that happy feeling being there and enjoying myself, and I’ve started to re-claim that. Of course I picked up extra hours at work so going 3 times a week steady is harder but I’m trying to work it out and do what I can.

I hit up Hamilton School of Martial Arts today to train with Christine, We did some stand up single and double legs, and some other img_3255things I ended up getting in for a really good double leg it ones one of those perfect ones you hope to hit in a fight and then drop the other person on their face you know? She’s getting the hang of it, she felt a lot stronger and more aggressive when we were wrestling around which is good I don’t want her to feel like I’m on a different level, I’ve just got the experience she can just as easily pick up on everything it just takes time and if she’s willing to put the time in (which it seems like she is) it will click for her. Believe me I gave up thinking “I’m never going to get this shit” and eventually I did, and I built on that and worked on it. Nothing has come easy with grappling or wrestling or anything, I’ve really had to bust my ass but that’s what makes it so rewarding.

Speaking of which after the class, I was presented with my in house black belt. This now means I’ve hit the highest rank there, and I am qualified to run classes there, and teach. I got a lot of experience not last year but the year before that I think in 2007 of teaching classes, and kids. It was great and I think it totally stepped up my game a little bit. Kids are harder to train I think , they soak everything in but you have to keep them interested and all of them want to beat up on their “sensei” which is fine they are usually my size anyways *laughing*.

I’ve been training at HSMA for 7 years now; I started with them when I was 17 rights after I stopped wrestling in high school I believe. And Sensei Mark really took me under his wing, and showed me the basics and took the time to explain it in “wrestling” terms so it would click with me. He never pressured me and let me go at my own pase, and never once put me down he just built me up. He is a huge part of my life still regardless who else I train with; he’s still going to be someone I’m still always going to want to train with. He knows a lot more then he leads on I’ve learned that much. But he’s a very to him self kind of guy.

After the class bowed out and I got my belt, I took a few pictures with some people with the belt on, and then Christine and I grabbed our 10lb weight and began to do a modified “Cindy” crossfit work out.

img_3256So instead of the pull ups we did sit up’s with 10lbs weights the rest is like normal push ups then squats!

5 Sit ups (with 10lbs weights)

10 Push Ups

15 Squats

As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes.

Christine’s legs were already sore from a retarded amount of lunges she did the other day I think she was saying, and my arms hurt from yesterday well not hurt but they were definitely tired. I didn’t keep track of how many rounds we did but I’m sure it was over 20, we had a really good system going, keeping each other going and what not. I love working out with her it makes things so much better. So needless to say I’m tired going to have a wicked sleep.



~ by Christina Sears on January 8, 2009.

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