Monday MMA & Boxing Sparing with Christine

I  couldn’t make it out to Cutting Edge tonight, usually I go and train no gi BJJ there on Monday’s but over the holidays I’ve been crazy busy at work and had no time to jet up there. Today I just couldn’t’ get there, lack of a ride which is pretty shitty because I miss all the guys up there, even though most of them have choked me out, slammed me to the mat, punched me in the face… ah… rapidly… I still miss them!

Some of the guys have a fight coming up at the end of January, I’m pretty stoked for them, nervous a little bit, because they are my team mates but confident that they will do well. They’ve worked hard and I’m sure they wouldn’t be thrown to the dogs unless the coach felt they would eat those dogs you know? I hope I can get the time off I would love to go watch them fight… I’m sure I’ll feel out of the loop… seeing how I’m really the only girl that is interested in fighting up there at Cutting Edge and eventually wants to fight… and guys stick with guys you know.. But whatever…

I went to HSMA tonight, trained with Christine… There were two new girls in the class… of course they were dressed in cute little work out clothes, hair all cute and done up nice bit of make up on. Like… I love that girls are getting involved and kudos to any of them who have the “kahoonies” to come in and give it a shot, however there is a time and place for things. I know it looks awkward, feels awkward and is hard to get the hang of at first BUT I wish they came in with a mature attitude and came in serious about it. I mean, girls like that I don’t understand how they can come into a martial arts gym and just think “hey I think I’m going to give jiu jitsu a try” you know? I mean you can wear those cute little outfits and the little bit of make up and gossip during training in the cardio kickboxing class? I guess I’ll never understand because I came from a wrestling background?

ANYWAYS, Christine and I did some MMA sparing from stand up, felt weird throwing with the little gloves on but I felt a hell of a lot faster then with the boxing gloves on, Christine was being pretty aggressive, ha-ha I had to tell her to hit me I think she forgot she had the gloves on at some point, so she started raining down punches in my guard nailing me a few times. I went to go shoot in and I thought I had a good take down and before I knew it she had me in a guillotine choke, I was like “right on” for her… and then was like “alright now… how to get out of this” so punched her in the face with my right hand, as I brought that same fore arm over her face and put my hand on her elbow then took my other hand and pushed off her elbow to pop my head up, she seemed disappointed BUT I reassured her she had it if she would have squeezed harder… I like making her work. She as also going for some take downs which was awesome to see, just needed to tweak it a bit and she would have had some of them so I helped her out a bit… those new girls were standing there stairing at us probably thinking we were retarded.

After a few rounds of mma sparing we did some boxing, I haven’t boxed since my neck injury, so I knew I was going to feel like shit. There were some people there who I trained with when I first got into the sport who said I should box and I was always frustrated with it and didn’t want to. So when I finally did they were excited to see. And I think I shocked them a bit. Rob said Christine and I both looked pretty good and solid out there which was good to hear. We were hitting pretty hard, at hsma they don’t hit too hard I’m use to being hit at Edges they make sure they “hit” not “tap” yeah.. When they are boxing. So I told her, I need to get punched and know what it feels like just hit me, and she said the same so that’s what we did. I must say she nailed me with a solid upper cut and had my nose print on her glove, and she hit me with a good body shot I felt like puking when she hit me. AND she never tags me that hard so I was glad she got aggressive.  We had a good few rounds there…

Those girls probably thought we were retarded because when one of us got a really good shot or combo or something we would touch gloves and say good job or giggle and say that was awesome and continue to hit each other with some good punches… I can’t wait to learn how to kick, that will be great!

It was a good training session with her. Its going to be sick when she starts coming out to Phoenix with me, and her and I can work out together, we are going to both be so strong and jacked… AND it would be cool to start fighting around the same time. I’m really focusing on training as if I had a fight, with the way I do some things.

I’ll be honest, with all of you I’m scared to get into the cage I’m scared because I know my stand up needs to be great and its getting there I don’t want to be known as a wrestler or a jiu jitsu chick I want to be a well rounded fighter and I know training will make me better all the way around so I’ve got to be patient. BUT that’s really the only thing holding me back some. Like I said to my good friend Gary in his interview with me for the Franchise Radio I’ve been more then ready for the moment to step into a cage, ring, or on a mat with a girl my size and finally test what I’ve been waiting my 8 years in the sport to test. I do believe (without sounding cocky) that I will be stronger, and on a different level because I’ve worked my way up to that point, I worked to be strong, technical, and where I am. And I’m ready to let whoever I fight knows that they won’t be taking anything away from me.

I’m looking into more sports specific things to train at Crossfit, I keep my eyes open on a professional fighter who trains there, someone who comes up with things all the time and I really watch him and would love to do some of the things he does, even if they seem hard for me at first I’ll cry though it I’m sure and then once I over come that I’ll be that much stronger and ready to throw down!

I can’t wait to hit up Cutting Edge on Friday, seriously I miss doing mma and what not with those guys!!! Weather they miss me or not!



~ by Christina Sears on January 6, 2009.

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