Cindy… as many times as possible…

Usually two days after a work out I’m the sorest, so needless to say today I was a lot sorer then the day after I did the “12 Days of Cross-fit-mas.” Since I couldn’t make it out to Cutting Edge I decided to hit up the gym after work and give a Crossfit class a go. I mean I’ve never done it with anyone other then my strength and conditioning coach. I was a bit nervous because these are people that come out all the time like us going to Edges or HSMA to train. So I just assumed I would be pretty far behind them… and would look like a pussy (hahaha)! I learned the warm up to the crossfit class but was so sore from the work out on Saturday that it was annoying to do anything that involved me moving my shoulders and what not (like dips and pull ups). After that I put on my Ipod img_3224and decided to forget about the people around me and just do whatever work out was a head and try and stay focused.

SO the work out of the day was called “CINDY” and it goes as follows:

5 Pull-Up

10 Push-Ups

15 Body Weight Squats


At the Steel City Crossfit in Dundas they have a white board with a lot of the different work outs and they have the people who did it in the fastest time, or the most reps, and have who squatted or pressed the most at the Crossfit Total and what not. Kind of gives you something to drive for when your doing these work outs I guess. SO for this work out the most reps at the Crossfit I go to is 22 reps in 20 minutes and it’s held by Simon. So that means he pulled out 110 Pull Ups, 220 Push Ups, 330 Squats ALL TOGETHER in 20 minutes…

So all of us women started out on the pull up bar, and then it was go time, I just lost myself in my music and just busted them out as fast as I could really. The other women were doing those “girl push ups” which I never COULD do or knew how to do? So I did the triceps ones where your hands are in more, they are more comfy for me. Pull ups I did jumping ones, well it was half a kip I guess ha-ha… I’m sure I did 20 maybe more reps but I wasn’t keeping track. Towards the 11 minute mark I could feel my arms just burning because of how sore they were, the squats and pull ups believe it or not were fine the push ups were the worse part. BUT once you get into a Crossfit work out like that its hard to quit sometimes because you’ve already put yourself through some hell you might as well go through the rest of it. THEN when you finish it you feel a lot better believe me.


After that class, I read some more of my book that I got from Terri I’m on Chapter 3 already so I’ve read a chapter every time I’ve opened the book. Watched the next class which I was going to join but I was really tired and sore and they did a brutal work out

400m row

40 kettle bell swings

40 sit ups

300m row

30 kettle bell swings

30 sit ups

200m row

20 kettle bell swings

20 sit ups

100m row

10 kettle bell swings

10 sit ups…

I think it’s a brutal work out because I HATE ROWING. I don’t care how many meters it is, “f” that man… I can’t stand being on the rower at all.

Then I joined in the next class which was all dudes, and it was the heavy lifting class. I needed to bust out my last day of 125 squat, 115 dead lift. So that’s what I did, but everything felt a lot heavier. Probably because I was sore and it was setting in ha-ha. BUT my next heavy lifting day I am up to 130 squat so that should be interesting.

I can feel the soreness as I’m writing this, which never happens until the next day so I’m sure going to work Tuesday and Wednesday is going to be brutal for me because I’m going to be sore. AWE WELL!

Anyways, Have a safe New year



~ by Christina Sears on December 29, 2008.

3 Responses to “Cindy… as many times as possible…”

  1. That sounds like a really good workout but why is it called “CINDY”?


  2. I think I’m going to try the “Cindy” workout tomorrow. I like seeing these new workouts to experiment with.


  3. Okay, so I tried it. Bear in mind, I hadn’t really worked out at all the prior 3 weeks, and I felt like a big piece of garbage. So I ran a mile, and then did the “Cindy” workout. Instead of the standing squats, I did tuck jumps over a bench. Anyhow, I felt like the pushups were the easiest part, kind of like my resting period. But the next 2 days, my chest, traps, and groin were all sore! If you push yourself for 15 minutes, it’s a solid workout.


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