12 Days of Cross-fit-mas

Itching to get back into the gym after my Meet & Greet with Roger Huerta, I decided it was time to shed some of the weight that I probably gained over the Christmas holiday, so off to the gym I went. AND I sort of needed to clear my head. I got an email from Simon about his new work out he wrote up, he sent it to everyone he called it  “The 12 Days of Cross-Fit-Mas.”


1 Body weight Dead lift

2 Sprawls

3 Renegade Rows

4 Double Unders

5 Hanging Knees to Elbows

6 Pull Ups

7 Dive Bomb Push Ups

8 Jumping Lunges

9 Kettle Bell Swings

10 Tuck Jumps

11 Wall Ball

12 Dumbbell Burpees

Everyone knows the song “12 Days of Christmas” right?


Well this went the same way as you would sing the song it was like climbing a ladder so you would do one body weight dead lift, then two sprawls back to one body weight dead lift, then on to three renegade rows and so on.  I mean the stuff on the list aren’t like crazy hard I’ve seen a lot worse, BUT when your going back to ONE every time, it becomes one of those work outs that you dread!

The fastest time in the Crossfit class Simon ran to do this work out was a little over 26 minutes, the slowest I think was 32 minutes.

It seems like an easy work out believe me, but once I hit 9 – 12 I wanted to die, it just seemed like the work out was getting longer, when really the stuff I was doing was just getting harder then ending it off with ONE BODY WEIGHT Dead Lift… man… that’s like 110lbs for me, and I hate doing dead lifts.

I forgot to set up the boxes so I can reach the pull up bar so as soon as I got to number five I had to kind of stop and set that up which totally wasted some of my time but whatever, I tried to push through it as best I can, I didn’t care what time I got at this point once I hit the last round I got a vicious cramp in my right shoulder AND in my side which felt like someone was poking their fingers under my ribs it was brutal to do anything. BUT I finished it in 26 minutes and 59 seconds. I was pretty proud of that, I wasn’t far behind some of those faithful crossfitters, who faithfully go out to crossfit work outs everyday/week. So I felt good and I was just glad I completed it. I think it was a clever work out really!

Give it a try you have everything you need to do this work out at a gym I’m sure….  And let me know what time you finish it in.



~ by Christina Sears on December 27, 2008.

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