img_1276Finally, a day I have completely off that I can lounge around in my PJ’s, and take random naps, and catch up on laundry, and possibly cleaning my room before my cute five month old cat gets lost in the midst of my clothing and GOD knows whatever else is on my floor.

However, Christmas for me was sort of a “humbug” experience this year, which was a first for me. The first thing that sort of set it a bit of reality is when I was at my Nonna’s house last night for Christmas Eve Dinner and EVERY year she gives us grand kids Christmas cards that she preps a head of time and we all get 50$ for Christmas from her and my grandfather.  HOWEVER, he passed away this past August so when I opened the card something I’m so familiar with it was a reality check to just see “Love Nonna” on the bottom of the card instead of what its been for as long as I remember “Love Nonna & Babo.” I mean I still feel him around me and when I miss him I pop in a DVD that I created for my Aunts 50th birthday and there is his cute little bald head, with this smile and his cute little charm. But what really felt different is not having Christmas Dinner AT my Nonna’s… I would have rather been there, then anywhere else tonight…

I did get a book from Terri, a women that I met at the gym called “We Don’t Die” its George Anderson’s Conversations with the Other Side. Terri wrote me a long note in this cute little card on WHY she bought me the book. She said that being a nurse she’s surrounded by death all the time, so she was scared… I know I would be too and I guess she read the book and it gave her a more comforting understanding. NOW everyone has their own beliefs, I know I do… Everyone needs something to comfort them img_3137especially with a topic like death. So I was really grateful, and I can’t wait to crack it open at some point today.

Some how got an infection in my left eye, during the week. AND of course that spread to the other eye which made me look like one of those frogs with the bulging eye balls. I swear I looked like I got punched in the face and the guy managed to sit both eyes in one punch. Like no one wants to look like crap going out for Christmas dinners especially when you know a lot of the pictures are going to be posted and what not. SO I tried to cover it up with some make up, which kept me from really going near my face… The picture doesn’t show how bad it was, in person it looked a lot worse.

AND then there was the fact that everyone in my family got something they really wanted… and I didn’t, and I just wanted a new straighter that was sort of like a chi or a camera I was eyeing. I know a lot of people don’t get anything and I’m not really complaining but it was a little bit disappointing. MEH … I’m over it though.

Gym was closed so there wasn’t any training for me today… but I am itching to get back…

Happy Holidays Everyone



~ by Christina Sears on December 25, 2008.

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