Training with Christine

And the snow didn’t stop, I mean we did get some what of a break on Saturday, enough to maybe shovel your car out, and find your side walk but then it started to blow nice and strong in the afternoon today.

Christine had talked to me Wednesday about getting together a training schedule for her holidays which I thought was pretty cool, I mean, I don’t know anyone who would want to train in their time off especially if they work as much as she does PLUS she already trains like every night… SO I was kind of excited to have a training partner.

I told her that I had today off, and she said she will try and jet into the city for 1 or 2ish so she text me saying she was in the city and was wondering if training was still a go. We met up at the gym and started our work out. She’s never done a crossfit work out before; however I did pre-warn her that she should feel bad if she feels weak and wants to freak out because they are meant to be hard, and meant to break people. The beauty of it is rising above that mentally and physically seeing results.

SO I did my lifting while I waited for her to show up, I was squatting 125lbs which is what I was up to when I got injured, and when my grandfather passed away. I was strict pressing 65lbs which I felt pretty strong with, and I feel like I will be back to 70 in no time where I was at. I didn’t do my dead lifts because my back was a bit irritated maybe from the cold I’m not sure so I really didn’t want to f*$K around with that you know?

She gets there, and a mom what was there suggested that we do “Fran” which consists of:

21 Thrusters (65lbs for women 95lbs for men)

21 Pull Ups

15 Thrusters (65lbs for women 95lbs for men)

15 Pull Ups

9 Thrusters (65lbs for women 95lbs for men)

9 Pull Ups


The first time I ever did Fran, I remember just totally mentally and physically breaking down it took me over 20 minutes to complete it and there are guys and girls documented doing this work out under 2 minutes (crazy I know). The other times I did it I worked my time down (because this work out is for time). My lowest was today I finished Fran at 8 minutes and 35 seconds, still have a way to go until I’m at 2 minutes like the rest of the crazy crossfit people but it’s a progression for me. After I was done, I made sure I was behind Christine 100% because it feels good when you have someone believing in you and pushing you through it mentally. AND she finished the work out, and she did great for her first time. It gets easier as you go I think.

THEN we did some Boxing conditioning. Both of us ran on the treadmill for 1 minute as fast at we could while the other hit pads for a minute then switched… my arms were pretty warped from lifting, Fran, then pad work. BUT I’ve had so much happen since August that I have been trying to build myself back up, and I’m doing it on MY TERMS now not for anyone else, so if I’m tired I’m tired, but the next time I do it I’ll be that much stronger.

“Those who cry in Training, Laugh on the Battlefield.”

My interview with Gary aired on the Franchise Radio you want to hear the entire show check out: MMA Weigh In on the Franchise

If you just want to hear MY PORTION of the interview check out: Christina Sears



~ by Christina Sears on December 22, 2008.

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