Surviving “Snow-mageddon”

img_3057We got hit with such a storm yesterday; the news weather people were calling it “Snowmageddon” because it was so bad. I wouldn’t have gone ANYWHERE if it wasn’t for the fact I had to go into work (even though I knew it wasn’t going to be busy.) I was lucky because when I went into work, it didn’t hit its peak and my mom drove me, but I knew I was only going to work for an hour and they were going to let me go, sure enough I was right. It wasn’t long before they let me go I think I had 2 tables and that was it.

At this point my mom had left a message on my phone saying that she can’t come and get me because she got stuck coming home and the snow is now up to her knees. Not to mention it was blowing around like crazy you couldn’t breathe or even see without having snow whipped violently in your face. SO I was stuck trying to get home myself.

Now, I did the obvious and tried to call a cab, but getting hold of a cab driver in conditions like this is like trying to get a cab on New img_3058Years Eve GOOD LUCK!

SO I attempted to take the bus, I was more worried about trying to cross the street then actually walking through the snow (which was a little past my knees). I was worried that cars would be sliding through the intersection of this busy street I had to cross OR they wouldn’t see me because of the blowing snow. I only stand about 4’11 you know?

By the time I hit the bus stop with the shelter over it (which is only 5-6 min normally walking from my work) it had taken me 15 min to walk there, and I was lifting my stubby legs over these massive show drifts that sometimes would be up to my but and I would just sink in them. I felt like Stallone in Rocky 4 when he was training in Russia, especially the part where he has the huge log on his shoulders and he’s lifting his legs really high to try and walk through the snow… yeah that was me! BRUTAL.

When I reach the shelter I was soaked and covered in snow, then I waited a little over an hour for a bus, when I finally got on the bus I was officially cold, the wetness soaked through my shoes and through my 2 pairs of socks I was wearing, my jeans were soaked and stuck to me so I felt like they were freezing to my legs, my toes became really sore, and I was shivering so much my body started to hurt.

img_3059THEN walking home from where I was let off was a mission, my “crazy neighbour” the one that always gives us the problems again shoveled all her snow onto the road and people can’t park because she is too lady to shovel it on to her property, anyways one of my other neighbours got pretty ticked because there was no parking that she shoveled out that entire side and threw it allll back onto her property and then parked her car and her husbands car there. SO I had to walk in snow that was over my knees and then over this huge snow drift and I was kind hurrying because I was just so cold and damp. The cold I guess got to my lungs because I couldn’t seem to catch my breath when I finally got into the house. My brother ran and got some warm cloths and right there I stripped in the hall way my mom helped me get my clothes off, my legs were so red and chapped from my wet cold jeans, I had snow everywhere and I couldn’t move. I made my self a hot chocolate and something to eat and then really went to bed for a few hours I was wiped right out.

When I got up I took a shower and noticed that bruise for a little bit worse, whatever happened it was serious and I can’t believe I don’t remember what I img_3065_edited-1did? Or how it happened?

I got a call from Gary, to do that interview, I was sort of nervous but I hope he got what he needed… I’m a perfectionist sometimes so I was trying to be myself and be professional as well. I’m so flattered I’m being nominated for this award like I can’t believe it. I obviously thanked the people who have helped me get to where I am right now… at the end (thanks Gary)!



~ by Christina Sears on December 20, 2008.

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