Throwing made easy!

I did the other half of my black belt tonight! A bit nerve racking especially when I could feel people watching me. Mark helped me out he was the guy I was doing my throws on, he break falls really well and I think he’s only 140lbs so not too shabby to throw. It was weird because my coach Mark is also 14 or 145 and when I was throwing him he felt a lot heavier but that was months ago, so I’m in shock with how much power I had behind my throws this time around after doing all the crossfit training and what not.img_3050_edited-2

I sort of felt like a super hero a little bit. I mean I know, it sounds stupid BUT when your 4’11 and couldn’t lift much, its such a crazy feeling to lift a guy who is heavier then you and throw him to the mat as if he was a girl your size or something, its really surreal.

I had to teach a little bit to prove I can communicate techniques and what not so… we will see if I got it on Monday I think.

When I got home after training I went to take a shower because I was going to a ball hockey game, I noticed I had this purple/blue mark on my shoulder… it was a pretty decent size to say the least and I was like HOW the hell did I get that. Really I was pretty stumped… Didn’t think anything of it though jumped into the shower.

chrishorodeckiI went to watch Steven’s ball hockey game, I was really cold in the area so I put on the iPod and started bobbing away to the music, I never realized how violet even ball hockey can be. I mean Steven’s team won 10 – 3 and the other team was obviously getting frustrated and they were throwing them selves at some people on Steven’s team and checking them hard into the wooden boards that are there, I could feel the tension from the bleachers. BUT it was quite an entertaining game, I enjoyed myself I love watching him play he loves hockey, and I’ve made friends with some of the other people on the team PLUS it’s always nice seeing Joel and hearing his witty comments from time to time.

It’s been a busy week for me, I’ve opened my hours up for work and I’ve been getting a decent amount of shifts and because its Christmas season its been really busy, but hey I’ve been making decent money so I’m not complaining.

I got my story on Chris Horodecki up; it was awesome talking to the kid. It was a more down to earth conversation, FINALLY someone who is around my age to talk to usually guys are older and he’s young and ambitious so it was a good conversation. Plus I didn’t really know a WHOLE lot about him before so it was a chance for me to get to know him too, and GOD knows I love getting to know some of the Canadian MMA fighters we have.n704387323_2223858_1145

I’m being interviewed this week by Gary Whittaker who has his own segment/show on a radio station in Montreal. Great guy, works with Xtreme Lifestyle as well, sort of nervous I’ve never been the interviewee just the interviewer! I’m being nominated for an award they are giving out. It’s the first time this award has been given out and it’s going to the person who has dedicated themselves to helping MMA, and what not. So I was a bit flattered that out of everyone I was one of the 5 nominees. I appreciate him nominating me and doing the interview we will see how it goes, I’m sure I’m going to sound like a 12 year old on air but whatever haha!

I won’t be training much this week maybe Sunday at some point I might be, I know that I’ll be working a lot this week then next week won’t be TOO bad but new years week I’m working like everyday almost… BRUTAL!



~ by Christina Sears on December 17, 2008.

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