Wrestling @ Cutting Edge


As I sit here right now to write this my face is a bit sore, and I’m hungry!

I just walked in the door not to long ago from training, it was different tonight we focused A LOT on wrestling, which I haven’t done since my last year of high school, so I felt a bit rusty and not as quick as what I use to be. We worked on different ways to open up a single and double leg and a few other things, Bryan showed everyone proper wrestling stance because other then me and maybe two other people no one else at the gym has any wrestling experience. I didn’t care; it was a great refresh for me.

As we started wrestling back and forth (pretty much just till you got a hold of a leg) I realized how much more aggressive it can be. Honestly within the first five minute I was getting shoulders to the face, head butted, my ears were rubbing against the other persons head. Man, I can imagine what people who aren’t 100% into the sport are thinking.

The only thing that was bothering me was my back, and I think it was because of the shifts I’ve been working and standing and running around sleeping and then doing the same thing. I guess my weight was going a bit more forward so Bryan signaled to snap my head down, wowzers my neck was a bit sore after that. I forgot how much wrestling can do to your neck, may that’s why my back, traps and neck don’t really look all that girly (or that’s the theory I’m sticking too).

After the one round of just fooling around with the different things we were shown I was sort of centered out of the group and was told to start wrestling in the middle as the entire team watched. Bryan was asking if anyone knew what I was doing different, that allowed me to get in there and grab the leg so quick. Besides the fact I’m 4’11 and really who’s going to get a clean shot on my legs (just kidding). I guess I was staying relaxed and just moving around and snapping on the head moving the hands etc, just looking for an opening (I didn’t even realize I was doing it). It felt weird to be centered out of the group (even if it was for a good reason). I guess it’s not something I’m use to. Especially with how my high school wrestling went down. I had a coach in my last 3 years pretty much not really care about the girls on the team just about his “golden boys” who were winning. You know? So everything I developed, how far I got that was all me, my drive to be better, I even worked with another wrestler in my last year not even from my school just to get in some extra training and a fresh mind… you know?

I rolled with Chad in my first round of jiu jitsu, it was pretty good I tried to just stay on top and really try and think about what I was doing, Chad is one of the lighter guys of the bunch we have up at Cutting Edge so I mean, he’s a lot quicker and weighs a lot less, so its always good rolling with him, he caught me in some pretty sweet arm bars I was even pretty wowed by it.

Second round I was rolling with Merz one of the strongest guys, a lot heavier then I am so it was quite the transition. He moved around a lot from the top I really was just looking to keep him a way and try and get to a better position. Still need a bit of work on that I think.

Hmm who else… oh god then Bryan called me out, EVERY time he does I sware he just wants to pick on me, and today he decided that knee on belly was the hold down he was going to use the most. He’s got these bony knees and shins my god I seriously could feel my meal starting to make its way back up, so he worked with me on getting away from that position and what not. He mentioned that if I could mix my wrestling and jiu jitsu and the quickness I have standing on the ground then it would work really well for me.

I was thinking about that and I think the reason why I stayed away from mixing them is because I wasn’t confident enough to really hold on to some of the wrestling things in jiu jitsu. I was always worried about being choked or man handled. But that was only because I wasn’t as strong as I am now a days. It’s like starting from scratch and rethinking about the things I can do now… because I am stronger. So it’s going to be a process but should be interesting.

Next round was with Bryan again only this time it was pure wrestling until you took the person down, I think I had it stuck in my head that no matter what he was going to take me down (stupid I know) but just a mental block… I didn’t attack as much now that I think about it, it was stupid hahaha! I should have but I mean whatever you know… some people are intimidating its something I have to get over, and feel more confident in myself… as Steve would say to me “that’s a you problem” haha!

But it was a good night, went over a lot of things and I’m looking to work on them this week for sure.



~ by Christina Sears on December 16, 2008.

One Response to “Wrestling @ Cutting Edge”

  1. I’m glad things are well hun
    nice article on chris as well.
    Always your fan and friend


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