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I had a rough morning this morning, fighting with people I hate fighting with and what not so I couldn’t think and up and went to the gym to clear my head.

Everyone was over at crossfit for the usual rolling and whatever else. SO I had to see about getting an interview with Adam so I headed over there with my gear. Orie (sorry spelling) was there, Adam, Eddie (who I just met today), and Simon.

v-ups_02I did my lifting, 120lbs squat, 60lbs strict press, and 115lbs dead lift. When I was doing dead lifts I didn’t notice the weight, my strength and conditioning coach threw them on there. But when I went to pick it up I put it down and was like “this isn’t 95lbs” and he smiled and said no your right LIFT IT… so… I put on my grip gloves, more so the bar didn’t rip apart my hands because of my dry skin. And I started to do my 3 sets of 5 reps. I couldn’t believe I was doing 115lbs, because before I got injured I was dead lifting 105lbs and I was having a hard time with the grip, but some how I pulled it out of my ass. Between my reps I was doing 10 V-Ups. So it would be 5 dead lifts, 10 V-ups and so on for 3 sets.  Wasn’t too bad!!! The V-Ups were a good add in I think.

I rolled with some of the guys for a few rounds, Orie is so tall and lanky, but an interesting dude. He told me he went to school for radio and worked in radio for 3 years HATED IT and is now a personal trainer. He’s just starting to learn jiu jitsu so we are all helping him out and what not, I don’t mind rolling with him but sometimes his long ass arms and legs get in the way, hard to cover that kind of ground.

Rolled with Eddie too, he is from England and was in the military before becoming a personal trainer. He’s use to doing everything full force so I knew when I was going to roll with him he was going to come at me strong so I knew I had to chill and relax and pick my moves… I felt pretty strong… ended up catching him with a rear naked choke… I don’t think he could believe it, I wouldn’t believe it either hahaha but he tapped and smiled and I showed him how I did it and what not so it was good.

Rolled with Simon, It went good just tried to focus staying on top, that way I didn’t have to deal with his weight. He used his shins on my stomach a lot, when jonathan_goulet_prevhe did get on top I wanted to puke but still tried to work. It was good though I felt pretty good, a bit sore from yesterday but nothing serious.

After that I did that boxing conditioning drill, 2 minutes on the treadmill 1 minute off hitting pads, I started grunting when I was hitting the pads, not something I do all the time but it made breathing a lot easier. Combo six is brutal especially when your doing 3 or 4 of them one after the other. BRUTAL, I had a cramp in the last round so I started to really try and not focus on that and just getting the set done. But it was a good work out.

After that dropped off the camera I borrowed back to Tammy, chatted with her for a bit and saw Michael… then went home picked up my brother and did some x-mas shopping.

After headed to HSMA to do the first part of my grading for my black belt. Really the belt is to show people within HSMA that I’ve been there and put in the time and in the eyes of the other instructors I am able to communicate techniques and run classes and what not. I felt pretty good besides I was a bit sore from my lifting but other then that I felt good, strong… The other part is next Wednesday… I’m going to have to teach a class or a few techniques and what not… which will probably be the easiest part. I’m use to teaching and breaking down things and I mean Bryan is a great example of that so I’ve learned a lot through him and helping out X-Tine and what not…

I was pretty tired after, didn’t even really watch the rest of the fight night…



~ by Christina Sears on December 10, 2008.

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