take a break.. do a crossfit work out!

I was trying to generate some story ideas and set up interview times with some people. I got a hold of a lot of them which was good. I love when I have a good story in mind and I have a particular person I want to talk to and they say “yeah sure.”

I wish I had more contacts though, like? I can’t wait until I get the ball rolling a bit more instead of these baby pushes and really get to know a lot more people. I’ve been trying and so far so good I think but people have no idea how hard it is. BUT I have a good relationship with the contacts I have now which is great like I said I’ve met a lot of great great people. And when I grow up and become famous since they helped me out, I will definitely pay it forward to them!


I took a break at some point during the day to go to the gym, and do a work out with my strength and conditioning coach. We set the boxing timer on which runs for 3 minutes I believe, and for 2 minutes we would hit the bag powerful punches and moving around like you would if it were a person in front of you, then when it hit a minute I was instructed to do 8 (or 10) dips and 4 pull ups (doesn’t sound like a lot eh?). And we did that for 4 rounds I think? THEN after we hit pads back and forth like tabata…. It was awful not going to lie, I wasn’t a fan my arms were sore and tired. I can’t wait to get better endurance in my arms but I managed to push through it.

Went home, grabbed a bite to eat, and then showered up for work….



~ by Christina Sears on December 9, 2008.

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