Lifting.. and Boxing

Wow, after being gone for the weekend I had no idea I would be coming back to a billion messages and emails. But I don’t mind it, I seem to get more and more after each event I attend which is great I love meeting new people and keeping contact with them and what not. Love to know what is going on with them and they can keep me updated on what’s going around in and around the area they are from as I can with the area I’m from.

I started to line up some ideas for some stories I want to get started. Already started contacting people and was surprised at the response I got and it was so quick too.. So I’m just getting those together set some times and dates and what not.

Of course since it was Monday when I did get a break I decided to hit up the gym and then go training with Edge and the guys. I went over to Crossfit and did this stretching routine i was shown, honestly after I stretched like that I was a bit sore, but in a good way SO I’m assuming it was a good friggin stretch. Then I did my lifting I was squatting 120lbs, pressing 65lbs, and dead lifting 95lbs. My first sets went horrible especially my pressing it was stupid. BUT I clicked back into  my “who give a fuck” mind set and then did a lot better! Strict press still felt heavy I have no idea why I use to bang out 65 as a warm up sometimes but I guess since I haven’t done it in awhile it takes a bit of effort to get back on the horse you know? So by being injured I really understand what some of these fighters go though and it must be worse because they are supporting a family on a career like that.

After my strength and conditioning coach decided I was going to do a similar drill he does only instead of wrestling to get up I will be throwing some combos. So I wrapped up my hands in my vibrant pink hand wraps and strapped on my 12oz gloves and prepared myself to run on the treadmill at the fastest speed I could and maintain that for 2 minutes then after 2 minutes I would get off and start throwing non stop combos that my coach called out for another minute after that I’m back on the treadmill for 2 minutes and start again. I think I did that for three rounds my arms were tired from lifting the running I felt fine and I think I made it up to 6.7 which is apparently decent for my first try, I know I could go higher. It was a good work out I really liked it actually.

PLUS it will help me get more endurance in my arms so then I can use my punches to get in the pocket and do some damage on some people. MAN people with their lanky arms and their long reach *GGGRRRR*

BUT it was good… I was happy with it, then I seen that the crossfit class was filling up.. Really considering doing the 5 15 classes if I can get the car at that time that would be pretty wicked….

Headed up to Edges to roll with the guys, did some butterfly guard sweeps and stuff, it was good to work on that! I started using that guard a lot more since my legs have been a hell of a lot stronger and I’ve noticed its working for me so I mean just drilling it tonight was good. I felt good grappling didn’t get beat up toooooo bad you know?



~ by Christina Sears on December 8, 2008.

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