MMA Charity Seminar

img_2645In London Ontario for an MMA Charity Seminar being hosted by API which will be running out of Adrenaline MMA Training Centre in London Ontario. Young studs Mark Hominick, Chris Horodecki and Sam Stout train and run that gym in London it’s a fairly newer version of the old “Team Tompkins” gym.

On the Saturday, I wasn’t feeling myself I felt so sick and I was so tired and sore. But sucked it up and headed to John Paul II Secondary School where the seminar was being held.

They kicked off the morning with Hamilton’s own Jeff Joslin teaching some basic boxing techniques and mma/jiu jitsu. Although Jeff has only fought once in the UFC he is still known in the MMA community and has trained and competed at that top level. So he knows some of the ins and outs, the do’s and don’ts of the sport.img_27192

Second was Dave Mair who is well known in the Wrestling Community and anyone who has been to an Iroquois event. He teaches wrestling out of Iron Tiger in Stoney Creek and was the wrestling coach at Guelph University I believe. I participated in that seminar, I know I have to brush up some on my wrestling so I thought it would be a great review PLUS I could help Christine with her ground came and take downs in the process. Dave showed some really good things, I was really excited to be doing some form of wrestling again, and I’ll admit I miss it.

After wrestling with Dave it was LUNCH TIME!!! Christine had seen a wicked Farmers Market on the way to the seminar, so we decided to go there kill some time and check it out. When you walked in there was a great smell of food, the booth in front of us was covered in fruit and veggies. I think we ended up buying a huge bag of grapes, a quart of strawberries, and blackberries for 3$ (that’s right 1$ EACH). As we were walking we came across this older woman who has some great looking baked cookies at her booth. I picked out these Short Bread Butter cookies with sprinkles on them (MMMM) then Christine picked out chocolate chip and we got the third one for free so the other one was chocolate macaroons. It was buy 2 and get the 3rd free. And these weren’t like small containers of cookies, they were containers you would buy in the bakery section of your local super market like fortinos, or Sobeys, or something you know? SOOO CHEAP and SOOOOO GOOOOOODDD!

img_2783Headed back to the seminar and lastly Hominick and Horodecki showed some Muay Thai. Showing how to move and be relaxed, and added in some combos and knees in there it was interesting but not my forte (not yet at least) so I continued to work and take pictures and video tape what was going on. I never met Horodecki I mean I’ve seen him around but have never met up or anything, for a guy who is 21 he’s seriously got a baby face. And I’m sure his high profile status gets him all the ladies (laughs)! I’ve met Hominick before in 06 WAY before I knew anything about MMA. I was at the MMA Expo in Toronto and my friend did the “Team Tompkins” Seminar and so I met him and Shawn and everything but didn’t really know much about them.

After the seminar, I had a chat with Dave Mair, he remembered that I’ve interviewed him before and was shocked I didn’t mention anything about me wrestling. But when I was covering the IQMMA I was doing my job and I really don’t mess work with pleasure you know UNLESS someone bluntly asks me about it. With talking with Dave I also had a chance to talk to XXX Rated Hypnotist  Tony Lee. I did a story on him back when I was in college. I went to 2 of his shows, one for fun the other was for work. I had no idea that he was in MMA? He actually won his first fight on the IQMMA rez 1:15 in the first with ground and pound which is fantastic for him. He’s lost some weight since I seen him last but still looks good for being 40 (YES 40)!!!

After the seminar ended Alicia, Christine and I relaxed in the hotel, really just listening to the radio chatting as we were taking turns img_12471using the shower.  I told Alicia I really wanted to see her with her hair straight and she was trying to convince me that there was NO WAY it was going to stay like that. Not that I’m into girly things like doing each others hair BUT we were in the hotel and had time to kill so there I was straighter in on hand, comb in the other and Alicia sitting on the side of the tub while I was straightening her hair. Yeah, what a girl picture eh?

Then Christine walked in and was like “so…. Do you want to do mine next” ha-ha or something to that effect, so whatever I did. Then I did my own hair we called downstairs to our cute valet guy and he brought the car around. I remember being so extremely tired and just drained and not really feeling all that well. But I had an Advil and I was good to go.

We met up with some people from the seminar at TJ Baxsters a nice pub and grill the food was good. Us girls didn’t order much just some apps we weren’t really crazy hungry. I think we ordered like a spinach dip, some wings, and nachos! It was pretty good though. I OFFICALLY love the people from Octagon Fighter & Fan wear, and Redemption seriously some of the nicest people I’ve met. Anytime they walked by us they always stopped to chat, really great people to get along img_12481with and I’m sure that carries out into their store and clothing….

After we headed back to the hotel, and if you have never stayed at the Delta Armories in London the thing is HUGE! There is like 20 floors, a few dining halls on the top floor, they have a pool and hot tub, and there is a mini balcony looking over the pool and what not, a mini putt area, kids play area (huge pay room for kids), a 24 hour work out room that looks really good, umm and then if you go down stairs there is a lot of different halls for functions and what not. Business meetings and stuff.

When we got to the room we decided to gear up Alicia in everything she needed to fight. WELL not everything but we made her put on our head gear, shin pads, kicks, mma gloves, knee pads, it was quite a sight and really funny. Had some fun with it. We wrestled around it was pretty funny I mean my stomach was so sore from laughing.

We finally tired our selves out the Advil I had taken kicked in and I was so tired… so bed time but it was such a funny night.




~ by Christina Sears on December 6, 2008.

2 Responses to “MMA Charity Seminar”

  1. AWWWWWWWWWWWWW, your so sweet!! Redemption Fight Wear Loves you lots too!! LOL

    Katie and Steve


  2. Hey guys, have you ever done any Muay Thai boxing? I just took a class at this place on Yonge Street and it was HARDCORE. Check out Roland Semprie … or some of the other Thai boxing gyms in town. It’s such a good conditioning/cross training workout.


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