Tapping out an MMA Fighter…


Continued to take my new attitude to the gym today and did some rolling with some of the guys that work at Phoenix Fitness and Steel City Crossfit, plus some of the guys I’ve trained with before.  They are all much stronger and bigger then me, but I figured I would do my lifting and then join in anyways, and that’s what I did.

Did my last bit of 115lbs squat, and 60lbs strict press felt alright pretty strong!

I did some rolling I pretty much just tried to focus on getting out of things and staying on top really. Which is hard with bigger guys they use their weight and everything on you, but I’m sure I’m going to meet tones of women who are going to be bigger then me, so if I can survive a few rounds with these guys, going with a women may not be EASY EASY but I know I will be pretty prepared for her. And like I said before these guys done take it easy with me they push me in their own ways and make me work that much harder so I can be a better fighter.

Simon was there rolling that day… so… since we were rotating partners I obviously had to roll with him which almost always frustrated me. Not because he’s this professional fighter and what not, but because I always felt like I had to be someone I wasn’t. Not because he made me feel like that but because of other reasons… and my emotions took it out on him and it just always broke me mentally (sounds stupid I know) but its how I feel. And since things have happened… I just stopped caring and I think my emotions finally snapped into “fuck it” mode (pardon my language).  I felt more aggressive and found myself moving a lot better (more like me). I caught him in a few chokes… actually tapped him out, which was cool because I maintained my position and just tried to work from there and it worked out for me.  He laughed it off, but still the respect was there I laughed about it too because I wasn’t going to let go until he decided to tap and he did so…

I grappled with Adam, the Crossfit personal trainer I’ve never rolled with him before so I wasn’t sure what to expect I know he has a blue belt in BJJ so I know he knows stuff. But he’s so damn tall so at some points it was annoying to try and move because he would just use his “lanky” arms or legs and catch my little stumpy body which was annoying but I mean, not everyone I fight is going to be 4’11, granted they wont be over 6’0 and 112lbs either. BUT still another challenge for me to over come, so I focused on my techniques and tried creating my distance to try and work around his limbs. I didn’t feel too weak, a few things I need to work on but I mean at least I realize I need to work on them?

Later that night I went and trained at HSMA in Hamilton, really just helped Christine with a bunch of things which is great review for me and helps me break everything down.



~ by Christina Sears on December 3, 2008.

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