In Front of You….

I stepped into the ring,

Where you are seen as a king.

I challenged you to a fight,

And I knew you couldn’t resist,

Not even with all your might.

There you stand in the blue,

Here I am in the red.

Round one you hit me pretty hard,

All I saw was a lot of tiny stars.

I went down quick,

Dazed and confused,

But I still got up,

And stood in front of you.

Round two I was just looking to survive,

I was trying to duck and weave,

But then I began to bleed.

The cut man came in to check,

I said it was just a little spec.

You called me out for round three,

At this point I thought I had no more fight in me.

But then I thought?

What am I fighting for?

Why am I hear?

And just before the round ended,

I surrendered!


By: Christina Sears


~ by Christina Sears on November 28, 2008.

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