Joslin’s Canadian Open 2008

Went for another treatment yesterday with the active release doctor. She did a different treatment because she said the muscle has calmed down and now it’s just the disk its self that has to settle. I asked her how much longer I’ll be like this and she said from what she feels in the muscle and what not that I should be able to work out this week, and start back training next week. BUT she also cautioned to really watch my posture and not to put my neck into compromising positions, so I won’t have to go through this again.

A little hard with jiu jitsu and what not, HOWEVER I think I’ll be able to manage. Like Edge said I’ll just have to find another way to do things right?

I didn’t compete this weekend at the Joslin’s Canadian Open, my neck wouldn’t have held up, I did a little practice run the Wednesday before and it was a definite no go there. But I did go and do some coverage for took a shit load of pictures, and some video. I’m working on the highlight video of the tournament for MMA Canada so hopefully I’ll have that up and going. It’s so much more time consuming without a Mac to work with. Honestly PC’s are crap for video editing and what not.

I did get a chance to watch a lot of the women compete, which was depressing but I wanted to see what the level of competition and there was a better number of girls that came out. Granted that there was only one girl who weighed less then me (and was probably about my height), but still there was SOMEONE, the year I can’t compete. I was so angry because the girl was quick and feisty, and gave the bigger girls a run for their money, and I know I would have over powered her, I probably out weighed her by 5 or 7 pounds, which is better then the 30 or 40 she was out weighed by in the tourney. She would be awesome to train with, I think she was out of Xtreme Couture in Toronto (not sure though)!

My team at Cutting Edge MMA did fairly well for their first tournament! Mat, Jay, Chris and TK competed for the first time and it was great to see them in action. THEY were so much more reserved and technical then a lot of the beginners that were there. You would never know it was their first tournament they were very calm, and focused on the task at hand. There were so many people in their divisions both GI and NO GI we were there until a little after 8pm Chris was the last one to compete, there were apparently a shit load of guys in his division. A lot of the team also came out for support, Nick & “Chanler” were there, Jer was there, and even Mike was there it was good to have a support system I think a lot of gyms lack that. At Cutting Edge we are all like a family, honestly we are pushing each other, and training hard and everyone is there to train when they get there you check your ego, and everything at the door.  I know those guys push me, my god some nights they make me just want to quit! I think they would get pleasure out of seeing me quit sometimes (laughing) but some fine in me just wont go out sometimes.

After the tournament, we all went to Turtle Jacks on 20 highway for some food. ALL of us were starving with being there all day, and the guys were competing, I was too busy to eat so at the end of the day I had this migraine from not eating and my stomach was just ready to eat itself. The guys brought their better half it was great to get to know them on a more then “in the gym” basis. TK’s GF was really cool, really bubbly personality probably gets along with EVERYONE!

It was funny, I was so hungry I really couldn’t decide on what to eat (do you ever get that?), anyways… TK ordered this buffalo wrap with some kind of sauce on it with a poutine on the side. MY GOD I read his order and was looking at the buffalo myself, but what he said sounded so good I made mine the EXACT same, and so did a few other people. It was really good, probably could do with out the calories I ate in that one meal BUT man was it worth it. It’s making me hungry just thinking about it (….mmmm)!

Simon is trying to convince me to hit up the Crossfit classes Mon, Wed, Friday’s in the morning for a good work out and then work out again after (maybe pad work or sport specific stuff) and he wants me to do my lifting again (which I should do). So I think I might get back to that, it’s what I was doing (minus the crossfit classes) before my grandfather died, and then I don’t know I’ve really had not motivation. So hopefully I can find my way back to my yellow brick road you know?

Apparently Edge (my boxing/mma/bjj coach) has an amateur Boxing fight this weekend; I’ll be in London doing some reporting for MMA Canada at the Michael Bisping Seminar that is being held out there. So I’m going to miss it but hopefully I can see footage and catch his next one. He will do well; he’s a good fighter himself! (GOOD LUCK EDGE)!



~ by Christina Sears on November 12, 2008.

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