pe-herniatedcervical_figure2So my neck was again sore today, but nothing compared to the last few days, and with the tournament only days away I wanted to see just how mobile I was, you know pretty much seeing right now where my neck is at and what my limits are.

I didn’t do the warm up, I was a bit late, had to get some stuff together at the house was talking to a friend of mine about some stuff and just didn’t want to leave in the middle of the conversation. I grabbed my gi too because I wasn’t sure if Mickey was going to have me grade for my black today or not. I told Mark about my neck so they ended up making it for maybe next week on Wednesday. The black belt is for the Hamilton School of Martial Arts, it symbolizes to everyone training there that I am qualified to teach classes, and run the ship when the head guys aren’t around. To me it’s an accomplishment because not many girls stick to one gym and put in the time and effort and I did that. PLUS I’m learning everyday through everyone and by teaching them it makes me a better coach, and fighter.

So the people who were going to compete they grappled for most of the class, I was paired up with a guy who was maybe 145ish… (Maybe less). I’ve never grappled him before BUT I know he really likes the Judo and did very well in the last Judo tourney he competed in… So when we were standing I stayed low because I knew he would be looking to toss me around. SO I just was relaxed and rolled aggressive but like not crazy… And certain things (a lot of things) I was having a hard time with. I mean escaping from side mount… as soon as I went to bridge and roll I had no power and my left side went numb. He got me in some stupid stuff that normally it wouldn’t bother me and I just couldn’t do it. And my neck isn’t even like in AS MUCH pain as I was in Monday and Tuesday, so regardless of how much I rest up before Sunday I really don’t think it’s going to help.

After maybe 5-6 minutes of rolling I was in enough pain to get changed (which I never do) and just watch. I wanted to cry, because I was so close to really putting everything to the test, proving to myself that HEY you are better then you think. I know injuries come with the territory of getting on a mat and doing what I do or strapping on the boxing gloves and eating a few hundred punches before I remember to move my head, or circle out *(laughing)* But for me, I don’t know I feel probably more frustrated then most! I’m working so hard to beat the odds and be who I know I can be and who everyone sees when I’m on the mat and I feel like its always (even in life) three steps forward and ten steps back.

But like they say everything happens for a reason, I guess it just gives me more time to get even stronger, and really start working on more sport specific things. Coach Marini and I were talking about things I’m going to be doing in the gym and I’m some what excited. I really like sport specific things when I work out. I always try and visualize being in the fight or competition and as much as the work out will probably suck HOW much more it will help me later on you know?

However, I will still be at the Joslin’s tournament cornering my team mates, and making sure Christine is being aggressive and really doing WHAT I know she can do! I will also be doing some coverage for MMA Canada! I think I’m going to bring my camera and tape some matches and make some highlights of the tourney try and get a bit of everything… get names and what not… I have an idea that will be a bit more interesting then just looking at pictures of people you may or may not know… 🙂

So if you see me around I’ll be the midget with the Canadian Fighter t-shirt on with the corn rows hahaha! But seriously I wish everyone luck, and the women’s division is lucky this time but won’t be next time. OKAY now I’m talking out of my ass but whatever. LOOK for me I will be there and I would love to do some highlight videos for people if they want me too I’m down for that!



~ by Christina Sears on November 6, 2008.

3 Responses to “ITS OFFICIAL…. :(”

  1. Is cornrowing a “tactical” thing with female MMA fighters or just a “style” thing? Im assuming that its functional in terms of keeping a lot of hair out of the way.


  2. Sears! Sorry to hear your injury is keeping you out. I know how frustrating that can be. You rest up so you can kick some ass next time around… Remember: Pills are GOOD!


  3. the corn rows really help keep our hair out of our face really… it holds it all in and plus it woudln’t be easy for another girl to grab it or put weight down on it and stuff.. it just holds it all in… and lets us do our thing! i dont think its really a fashion statment at all..



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